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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 15:42:17 +0100
-Tammy Ricks.

Since you don't know me, may I share that I used to be zealous, 
on fire, strong in the name of the Lord. Up until the end of Dec 
2008--I had become like cold--white-dead meat--without blood--

After a break-through I was Led by the spirit of God to reveal the 
assignment of the enemy used against me.

The word was, "Despondency".

I did not even know what that word meant--but when I looked it 
up in Webster's--it was so right on--- such a Word of knowledge--- 
and the antonyms for it was exactly what I had been praying for.

I wanted my joy back. My zeal, my strength, my hope,my faith, my energy.

I thought that I had just been caught in a cycle of grief, hopeless-
ness and depression.

I believe that this is or will be used against the church in the last 
days along with its next of kin---"Lethargy".

So--pray about this if it is for the rest of the body as well- that we 
may be alert and vigilant and that the body of Christ may be aware 
of the assignment against it.

If it is not for the rest but just me--then hold me up in prayer.

But right now--Prophetically I pray that the eyes of our hearts be 
open to see and know---and I pray, In the Name of Jesus, that the 
Spirits Of Lethargy and Despondency loose and lose its hold on 
the Body of Christ, That she may be filled with the Spirit of Might 
and Power, and Zeal for the Lord. May we be so full and 
overflowing with the Spirit of God and the Gospel of Peace that
many run to His Light. I pray that God will fill us once again with 
courage, Faith and strength---filled with a tenacious spirit to do 
as God calls in these last days. May we be very strong and Brave 
and awake.  May we have eyes to see, ears to hear rightly what 
the Spirit Of The Lord is saying and may we have the gift of 
discernment and the faith to believe hat God is able to speak to 
us and we hear properly. I break all self doubt and intimidation in 
Jesus' name and command the fruits of righteousness to break 
forth--- In Jesus' Mighty Name - Amen.

I also pray that where I was held back in time--that God, By His 
Spirit will put me rightly where I am supposed to be. Right Heart, 
Right Spirit, right time in Jesus' mighty Name--redeem the time - Amen.