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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 19:20:33 -0600
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Youth Revival in the Solomons

"The Lord has poured out his Spirit in fresh and surprising 
ways in New Georgia, in the Western District of the 
Solomon Islands in 2003," says Dr. Geoff Waugh of 
Brisbane, Australia. 

For several years previously, rising ethnic tension in the 
Solomons led to a civil war where armed rebels caused 
thousands to flee their homes.Infrastructures were heavily 
damaged, to the tune of an estimated US $35 million. 
A failing economy led to public servants such as police, 
teachers and administrators being unpaid, and out of work. 
On the west coast of Guadalcanal one warlord is said to 
have killed more than 50 people, including six missionaries. 
In the face of rising hostilities, Australia led a 2,000 
member peacekeeping force to the area in August.

But, before the peacekeepers arrived, God had begun to 
intervene in answer to prayers of desperation as people 
sought God for help.

Dr. Waugh, who leads short-term missions teams to the 
South Pacific says, "The weekend following Easter 2003, 
youth and children in the huge, scenic Marovo Lagoon 
area were filled with the Spirit, with many lives transformed.
Revival began with the Spirit moving on youth and children 
in village churches with extended worship in revival songs, 
many visions and revelations, and lives being changed 
with strong love for the Lord. Children and youth began 
meeting daily from 5 or 6 p.m. for hours of praise, worship
and testimonies. A police officer observed that the number 
of reported crimes has been reduced and that former rebels 
are now attending daily worship and prayer meetings."

At the invitation of church leaders, Geoff Waugh visited 
Seghe in the scenic southern end of New Georgia in July. 
He reports, "My first experience of this revival was near 
Munda. Two weeks previously, early in July, revival started 
there with the Spirit poured out on children and youth, so 
they just want to worship and pray for hours. They meet 
every night from around 5:30 pm, and want to go late every night!

"Now many adults are becoming involved, also repenting 
and seeking more of the Holy Spirit. Many gifts of the 
Spirit have emerged, including visions of Jesus, angels, 
hell, with relatives sitting close to a lake of fire, so the
children warned them. Some kids saw Jesus with a foot in 
heaven and a foot on earth like Mt 28:18 ('All authority in 
heaven and on earth has been given to me'). One boy 
preached (prophesied) for 1 1/2 hours, Spirit-led.
Revelations-especially words of knowledge about hidden 
things, including magic artefacts and good luck charms. 
Kids show parents where they hid these things. If other 
adults did that there would be anger and feuds, but they
accept it from their children. One boy told police that a 
man accused of stealing a chainsaw (and threatened with 
the sack) was innocent as he had claimed, and gave 
them the name of the culprit, by word of knowledge.

"Many youths that the police used to check on because 
of alcohol and drug abuse are now sober and on fire for 
God attending daily worship and prayer meetings. A man 
who rarely went to church is now leading the youth singing
group at Seghe. Adults are publicly reconciling from rifts 
or strife that may be many years old."

Waugh reports long worship is the order of the day, often 
including prophetic words, or actions and visions. He was 
in a meeting in the lagoon where "about 200 youth and 
children led worship at both services with 1,000 attending." 
For over two hours he prayed individually for over 200 
people, mostly adults.

The revival is continuing, especially among the youth, 
according to Dr. Waugh who returned to the Solomons 
in December 2003. He reports, "That keeps the police 
happy as they have less to do. Former rascals now 
attend daily afternoon revival meetings and have changed. 
Also, the police and army support from Australia has 
restored peace. God had intervened with revival even 
before the Australians arrived." 
-Taryn Rux, Explorer Program Administrator-