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Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 09:51:30 +0100
NOTE: This came to a pastor in Tulsa, USA.

-by Richard L. Jones.

A dream I had in March, 2006.

In this dream I was in the downtown area of a large city and there
was a lot of activity going on around me. The next thing I knew,
I was on the top of a tall structure that was being dismantled. It
was not being torn down, but dismantled and carried away on
flatbed trucks. I was directing heavy equipment, like big cranes
and such, that were being used to dismantle the many structures
of the city. These structures were made of stone, or cast concrete
facades, with steel beams used as supports for the structures.
Again, I was having the cranes and other heavy equipment lower
large pieces of these structures and facades to the ground so they
could be moved and taken away on heavy trucks.

I awoke from my dream and I inquired of the Lord what this meant.
The Lord said to me: “I am dismantling the old religious structures
that have been erected by men. I am clearing the way to build what
I desire to be raised in this place and in this time! There is a large
city to be dismantled, but I will raise up a new city built upon
foundations of Divine Truth which support pillars of Righteousness
and Justice. But first there will be a great dismantling and many
will be exposed to the winds and the rain, to the hail and the hot
sun, to the snow and the darkness. I am their Strong Tower", says
the Lord. "Oh, how I so desire for them to run to Me in that day of
the great dismantling! For I am raising up a New City for those who will.”

I knew then that my dream was specifically about the 'dis-mantling'
(removing the mantle) of the old Church structure as we know it
and that God was going to raise up a new Church, one that is built
according to His Divine providence and not built on the plans and
ambitions of men.

-Richard L. Jones, pastor.

SOURCE:  theuprisingtulsa.org/oneheartnext.html