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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:28:07 +0100

"It was Theoddore Monod who declared that 'Obedience is the
greatest commentary upon the Bible - Do, and thou shalt know.'"
-Herbert Lockyer

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has
been found difficult and left untried."
-G.K. Chesterton

"I do not understand Christian people who are not thrilled by the
whole idea of revival. . . . If you want a perfect exposition of 1
Corinthians 1:25-31, read books on revival."
-Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"Solid, lasting missionary work is done on our knees."
- J.O. Fraser

"Everything is safe which we commit to Him, and nothing is really
safe which is not so committed." - A.W.Tozer

"He who prays as he ought will endeavour to live as he prays."
 - John Owen

"First we practice sin, then defend it, then boast of it."
 - Thomas Manton

"'Yet lackest thou one thing; Go sell all that thou hast, and give to
the poor; he was grieved at that saying, and went away sorrowful, for
he had great possessions!' Poor youth! He had a good mind to be a
Christian, and to inherit eternal life, but thought it too dear, if it
could be purchased at no less an expense than of his estate! And thus
many, both young and old, now-a-days, come running to worship our
blessed Lord in public, and kneel before him in private, and inquire
at his gospel, what they must do to inherit eternal life: but when
they find they must renounce the self-enjoyment of riches, and forsake
all in affection to follow him, they cry, 'The Lord pardon us in this
thing! We pray thee, have us excused' ... He will not!" - George

"The devil doesnÂ’t mind how many sermons we preach or prepare
if it will keep us from preparing ourselves."
- Vance Havner.