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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 14:59:55 -0600
From:           	"Rita and Paul" <rpkg@...>
Date sent:      	Sun, 29 Feb 2004 18:14:05 -0500

I saw the Passion of Christ on Thursday night with my 
family, the day before I was to attend an authors' 
convention. Previous to this, I was concerned about 
meeting an author that planned to be there who is a 
transsexual, a man that underwent a sex change to be 
a woman and is still living with his wife. I was uneasy, 
I felt disgusted and didn't want to meet this person.

After seeing the Passion, my heart was changed. I will 
never be the same. Among a plethora of things, came 
the revelation to my soul that I am not any man's judge, 
that Christ is the one who suffered and died for every 
man's sins, not me. In the movie, there is the scene 
where he tells the disciples to love one another, to 
forgive their enemies. Then you see his passion, and
you see his forgiveness and profound love. "Father, 
forgive them. They do not know what they are doing." 
In addition, I realized I must say this prayer too. I 
needed forgiveness.

So, I went to the conference, and God put me to the 
test. I walked into a room and another author called to 
me from the front of the room, and as I approached him, 
he told me he wanted to introduce me to this person. He 
too had seen the movie the night before. He introduced 
me to the transsexual. This lost soul stretched out a 
hand that was mannish, and looked at me with watery 
eyes, and a feminine smile and said, "I am so glad to 
meet you." Before, I didn't think I could have done this, 
but I took a firm hold of this hand and shook it, looking 
straight into the person's eyes, smiling with my own and 
saying hello. I felt so much of the love of God for this 
soul. I wanted to grab him and tell him how much God 
loves him and that I would pray that he would find peace 
with the Lord. I know I did in my eyes and smile, and in 
my touch, and the way I spoke to him.

After the convention, the transsexual sought me out, 
and came to say goodbye. He said it had been a 
privilege to have met me. I took the hand again, and 
this time I squeezed it, surrounding it with both of my 
small palms. I looked him straight in the eyes and 
said, "Yes, and God bless you."

The person looked at me kind of stunned at my words 
and said in a quiet voice, "Thank you." That was all 
that passed between us, yet I feel there was more that 
did not need to be through spoken words, that there 
might be more at another time.

Yes, all the vile works of the flesh are being thrown into 
our faces. There are those who do so with a conscious 
seared with a hot iron. But there are those who are in 
torment and pain. I do not condone the sin, but I love the
sinner. I see this now even more after watching the Passion.

Let us do as our Lord commanded us and love one 
another, let us forgive our enemies, let us show them 
compassion and win them to him with the love of God. 
Let us treat them the same way we would treat someone
diseased in body... for they are diseased in their souls 
tormented by Satan.

Let us wash their wounds with God's Word and his love, 
and heal them with the good news that Jesus suffered 
and died for their sins, and that he is the risen Lord of 
glory who is coming back. 

I am going to pray for this person this year, that they 
find Jesus and become born again. If you know a 
homosexual, a transgender person, someone who is
living such a lifestyle, pray for them to find Jesus.

~Rita Gerlach,