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Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 22:15:26 +1300
-by Dianna de Valle.

As I was in a quiet prayer time this morning The Lord began to
show me a vision of a great pot that was being stirred.  This large
and very full pot was made of clear glass so that it was quite easy
to see the contents inside.  As the pot was being stirred the
contents were churning and swirling wildly around and there was
no definition or distinction whatsoever between any of the ingredients.
Then, the stirring began to slow down and continued to slow until
finally it stopped.  As soon as it stopped, there began to be a
faint line appear in the middle of the pot which quickly grew wider
and wider and clearer and clearer.  After every particle in the pot
had ceased to move, there remained three pronounced sections. 
A top section and a bottom section with a very distinct middle
section that was so crystal clear it looked like pure glass.  There
was absolutely not one single particle to be seen in that middle
section. The ingredients of the pot had all very definitely either
settled to the  bottom or risen to the top.

As I began to ask the Lord about the meaning of this vision He told
me the following:

Right now in all of creation, there is a great stirring going on. It is
a stirring that will eventually affect every single ingredient in the
pot and leave no ingredient untouched or unturned. Every particle
WILL be stirred. This includes the government, the media,
pop-culture and celebrity, the education system, the financial
institutions and economy, the church and religion, and every single
person's individual life.  Every single particle must be stirred
because once the stirring is over then a great separation will begin
to occur. At that moment each and every person will make a
decision on where they stand in My Kingdom.  That decision will
determine whether they rise to the top where I am, or sink down to
the depths of eternal pain, loss, and frustration. There has never
been a separation this pronounced, and it will be such a defined
separation that there will not be ANY question about it.  For too
long there has been no line and no separation and people have
been able to be right in the middle and walk with one foot in both
sides without having to really declare and determine where they
stand.  The stirring has begun so that there will no longer be a
middle section.  Everything is being forced to churn.  Those who
were on the bottom, those who were in the middle, and those who
were at the top are being forced to churn so that in the end there
will be only be two sides and each will choose whom they will serve
and where they will stand for eternity.

As I have processed and meditated on this I have the following
thoughts to share:

There are both good and bad sides to this of which we always
knew were coming, but our complacency in the body of Christ has
kept us from fully grasping the scope of it all. The good news is
that some who are steadfastly stuck in the darkness are going to
be broken free in the churning and they will have a new opportunity
to see the light and the truth and be made free! Those whom we
have so earnestly prayed for who seemed hopelessly lost are now
being churned!!! The bad news is that those who were in the middle
and wanted to walk dangerously close to the line so as not to
have to choose, are now being forcibly churned this way and that
and will be faced with a decision.

So where does that leave us as the Body of Christ? Well, if we
had a foundation built upon rock and not sand, and roots that were
deeply and firmly planted, and a mind set upon the Spirit and not
the flesh, then we don't have to worry!!! Yes, we may experience
the effects of some churning and shaking, but that is good for us
sometimes, lest we get lazy and complacent and forget our Great
Commission.  But our firm roots and foundation will keep us
securely fastened and able to withstand the wind and the
waves. Once the hurricane is over, we will go outside and clean
up the debris and press on!!!

The crucial thing that we must be aware of and focus on is that
this stirring is a HUGE opportunity for us to affect eternity and
build The Kingdom of God by saving souls. It is not enough for us
to just make it to the top! As the pot is being stirred and we are
swirling around we have an opportunity to reach out and grab those
that we see flying by. That is the people that God puts in our path
every day. Our purpose in being on this Earth can be boiled down to
two things: The Great Commission of Mark 16:15 and the Great
Commandment of Matthew 22:37-39. We must ask ourselves if
the MAJORITY of our time and energy REALLY is (not just in
theory - not just intending to be) being devoted to these two things.
If not, then we are burying our talents (Luke 19)!!! We have each
been given talents by God that SHOULD BE BEING USED for His
purposes. Too often, we either bury them, or use them for our own
gain. This has to stop. We must be found actively using our talents
for building of The Kingdom through fulfilling the Great Commission
and The Great Commandment. Otherwise, we will not be found by
Him doing that which we are called to and will therefore not hear
"Well done, my good and faithful servant". We all have different
gifts, callings and talents and we must prayerfully seek how
God has intended those to be used in our individual lives AND
THEN ACT UPON IT. We also must spend (waste) less time
looking at everyone else's gifts and talents and wishing we had them
AND/OR spend less time thinking we know how everyone else
should be using their talents while ours are conveniently buried! Let
us be found bringing as many people as we can to the top with us,
for that is what LOVE would do! God is Love and if we claim to be
in Him with His Spirit then we also will be Love.

Philippians 3: The whole chapter

~Dianna de Valle.