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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 00:26:05 +1300
-by Andrew Strom.

Most of us know that the "replacement" level birthrate is 2.11
children per couple. If a people drops below that birthrate for any 
length of time, they will begin to wipe themselves out. If their
birthrate is closer to "1" than 2, then it will take only a few
generations for them to start staring down the barrel of virtual
extinction. The West today is committing generational suicide.
And many say it is almost impossible to recover.

I am writing this from Western Europe - where the birthrate has
sunk in the last thirty years to around 1.4 births per woman over 
the entire EU of 27 nations. Germany is down to 1.32. Spain is 
1.38. Italy is 1.28. And it is not too much better in Canada, the 
USA or Australasia either (where the crisis is bad, but not 
quite as severe as Europe itself). Isn't it ironic that the very 
Europeans who invented Universities and founded modern civilization 
with its many technological marvels and discoveries are now slowly 
killing themselves as a people? 

This is the very thing that is behind the massive Islamic advancement
in the West. Muslim immigration and birthrates are much higher -
and their numbers are already growing alarmingly in Europe. Many
believe that within 20-30 years Islam will have the numbers to make
a move on several Western European nations. Sharia Law with
nuclear weapons, anyone?

But the saddest thing of all in this whole "birth-rate" business is
that the Christians seem to have swallowed the same lies as the
secular people. Did you know that all the way through the Bible,
children are seen as a "blessing" - and the more you have, the
"richer" you are in so many ways? But we Westerners have been 
brain-washed to believe the opposite. And it is literally killing us.

The greatest cause of our birthrate collapse is that we have allowed
the modernists and feminists to convince us that children are a
"nuisance" - that they are inconvenient and 'expensive' and take
away our "fun" and our "career". These people have appealed to
the utter selfishness of our age to convince us to have less and
less children - directly against the commandment of God to "Be
fruitful and multiply."

And so even Christians in the West start acting like children are 
more of a "curse" than a blessing. They put off having them as
long as possible, and have as few as they can. This attitude is
as opposite to the Bible as you can get. And it is now causing
a crisis beyond imagining right around the Western world.

Instead of allowing it to be "God who opens and closes the womb,"
today we think it is fine to use every pill and surgical operation
and medical trick in the book to take God right out of the equation.
We simply decide, "We're not going to have more children," and 
make sure God cannot "open and close the womb" any more. And 
so we are dying as a people.

Can anyone tell me why the Christians today are listening to the
secularists and humanists on this topic rather than God? Can
anyone tell me why we don't have our "quivers full of arrows" 
which are the children that the Bible tells us are such a blessing?
Why are we letting these liberals and modernists direct how many
children we have?

If the secularists want to insist on having only one or two children 
and wipe themselves out, that is their perogitive. But I fail to see
why the Christians have to follow along. I only wish that every
godly Christian couple in the West would have 8 children or more
to make up the difference! Now that would be a "quiver-full," just
like the Bible says! And in a couple of generations the Christians
would be running the whole show!

But seriously, this is a very urgent problem. And I cannot see why
the Christians today do not see this as a giant OPPORTUNITY
to obey the Bible and make a huge difference in the world. Our
attitude towards children needs to change. They need to become
a "blessing" again. We need to forget our feeble excuses of
'expense' and "inconvenience" and 'lifestyle' - and get back to 
God's way of looking at children. We need to start having large
families again, and we need to train them up to be true "arrows" 
in the hands of the Lord.

Here's to a gigantic "baby boom" amongst the Christians, my
friends - before it is too late.

Please send feedback to-  prophetic@...

May God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.