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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 07:59:05 -0600
-Andrew Strom.

What a wonderful place America is at Thanksgiving time. There is 
simply no place like it. We touched down in the USA just a couple 
of days ago and already I am being reminded how warm and friendly 
so many Americans are. And we had such a wonderful send-off from 
our dear friends in the UK too.

Wales was a place where I was able to do a lot of soul-searching 
and praying about the future. As many of you know, we have had a 
pretty unsettled few years since leaving Kansas City. I don't know 
if you have ever experienced anything like this, but it was like God 
"forced us out" of Kansas City - a place that we had no intention 
of ever leaving. And ever since then, we have been trying to find 
our feet. But finally in Wales I felt like we truly began to get a few answers.

You know, in the last couple of years I have done a lot of preaching 
in a lot of places - and seen God do many remarkable things. But 
I have also suffered some of the worst moments of black despair 
that I have ever experienced in my whole life. Many times I have 
seriously considered quitting the ministry altogether - retiring to 
some quiet backwater to write the odd book or whatever. The last 
two or three years have been some of the darkest that I've known. 
So many disappointments and regrets and "what-if's" weighing on 
my heart from every direction.

But in Wales after a lot of pondering and crying out to God I finally 
got clear of a lot of that, and began to have some hope and some 
"resolve" about the future once again. That word "Resolve" carries 
a lot of resonance with me right now. Because it is so easy when 
we see the whole world - and worse, the whole church - seemingly 
headed down a road to oblivion - to sink into despair. "What can 
we possibly do?" becomes our cry - and indeed it does seem utterly 
hopeless. But we have to remember that it is JESUS HIMSELF 
who builds His church - "and the gates of Hell shall not prevail 
against her." God knows exactly how bad things are. He is not 
surprised or shocked in any way. And maybe, just maybe, He 
sees the darkest of times as an OPPORTUNITY - to let His light 
shine in such a way that mankind will truly see and take note - in 
ways that they never normally do. I believe God sees crises as 
OPPORTUNITIES - and I believe this is exactly such a time. Truly 
as the saying goes, "It is always darkest before the dawn."

So what does all this mean for myself and my family? Well, one 
thing it certainly means is that we had better start aligning ourselves 
with the word "RESOLVE" rather than the word 'Despair'. And I 
believe this is true for us all.

In Wales, as this new resolve began to grow, I felt God reminding
me of a number of callings that I had left on the shelf unfulfilled. 
I began to write an entire book on the "Sinner's Prayer" that I believe 
will be one of the most hard-hitting things I have ever written. Our 
family also began work on a new music album which is now almost 
completed - the first we have put out in nine years. I also obtained 
the domain "THE-REVOLUTION.net" to become a hub for a far 
more radical and outspoken ministry on the Net - openly trumpeting 
massive "Shaking and Reformation" in the church and calling for 
a return of the true gospel. All of this and more should play itself 
out over the next year or so. I am convinced that those of us with 
a calling to "media" have got to start using it to trumpet real Truth, 
because the devil is utterly destroying the church worldwide using 
TV to spead the ugliest 'Prosperity' doctrines you have ever seen. 

One thing I have learned - Despair gets us nowhere. We have
reached an hour when only "Resolve" will do. We simply do not
have any option except to act. Even a tiny "Gideon's 300" can rout
an entire army when the Lord is on their side.

And along with all of this, we have also been asking God as a 
family that sometime in the next year we would find the place that 
He would have us permanently based and settled - a place of His 
choosing. We would ask for your prayers in this regard also, my friends.

May the New Year be filled with "new resolve" for every one of us.

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.