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Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 12:12:45 -0600
-Cindy deVille. (June 8, 2008).

Preface: This is a very intense word and I will not make any 
excuses for the Spirit of God or attempt to manage Him. I will tell 
you though that this word came from the depths of God's heart. I 
felt the same zeal and love that I believe drove Jesus to cleanse 
the temple. His presence was  very heavy upon me as I wrote this...

Judgment Is Coming to the Pulpits of America

"The zeal for My house has consumed Me says the Spirit of God! 
The love for My people has overtaken Me!
Therefore I will begin, I will begin, I will begin says the Spirit of God. 
I will begin now to cleanse My house, I will call out and I will bring
judgment, I will enter in and begin in the pulpits of America! The 
fear of Me shall hit the five-fold ministry, it will cause many to 
shudder as I utter My judgments. 

The five-fold ministry shall see My judgments. 
Those who presume to speak for Me with hidden sin, 
they will see judgment come to them, swiftly and suddenly! 
Those who think they can live in sin, be My mouthpiece and stand 
in My Holy place with the mask of deception on their face, they 
shall see My swift judgments! It shall be like an earthquake, and 
everything shall shake!
Everything shall shake. For I will have My way! 

This is a day when I will not tolerate their sin anymore! 
NO MORE, NO MORE says the Spirit of the Lord! 
For I am coming to My temple and with a great roar! 
I will bring fear back to My house again 
and I will confront and remove the sin 
that many in the pulpit are living in! 
And some shall be examples as Ananais and Saphira. 
All that can be shaken will be shaken. 
For I will have a Holy people, a Holy nation. 
I will have a Glorious Church and I will remove everything and 
everyone standing in My way. For this is a new day! 

You say mercy, mercy, grace, grace 
and you think that will erase the hidden sin you continue to live 
and revel in!
I will have it no more! Your words are nothing to Me, it is your 
actions that I see! You have trampled on My grace and made a 
mockery of My mercy and you have taught My people the same 
and now My name is shamed! Now My people think that I am 
OK with sin, You have opened the door and let it into My sanctuary, 
into My Holy place, You have made My house one of disgrace. 
You have defiled My house and defiled My people! The sin is 
destroying My people, destroying My Church and destroying your nation! 

I am done with you, and I will have it no more! 
No more mercy and no more grace, for you come near to Me with 
your words but your heart is far, far from Me. 
Do you not know that I see everything? 
You cannot fool or deceive Me as you do My people, 
For I AM the God of all truth and I will deal with you! 

For I AM a Holy God and My sanctuary shall be holy, and 
I WILL HAVE A HOLY PEOPLE that they might bear My Glory! 
They shall be holy unto Me, therefore I must remove the unclean things!
I will raise up and I will bring down! 
I will remove apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, evangelist from the 
pulpit, those in the five-fold ministry who are defiling My house and 
defiling My people. I will have it NO MORE, NO MORE, says the 
Spirit of the Lord. 

My judgment is coming to the pulpits of America. 
I will judge, I will cleanse, I will purify! 
I have seen in secret and I will reward you openly! 
I will expose your sin. 
You have fooled My people but you have not fooled Me says the 
Spirit of God, for I see all things! I see what you have done behind 
closed doors and I say to you, I WILL HAVE IT NO MORE! For 
judgment has opened the door and is coming in.

These are not mere words that I speak to you, but watch Me, says 
the Spirit of God, I will perform My word, and you will know the fear 
of Me again. For I am the Lord of Glory and this is not as before, 
this is not as before, this is not as before!!! I am coming to deal 
with the sin in the pulpits of America, I am coming in to deal with 
you! I will have it no more, no more says the Spirit of the Lord! 

For I am warning you says the Spirit of God, 
do not step up to the pulpit with hidden sin in your life, 
for you may not live to see another day 
for I will have My Church, My way, says the Spirit of Grace.

This is not a game, this is not a game! 
All the earth shall know My name! 
I am not playing games!"

SOURCE:  shekinahtoday.org/sktPW_Judgment-Puplits.htm