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Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 09:28:33 -0700
-Andrew Strom.

When I was in Puerto Rico recently I felt led to take the plunge
and sign up for a TV show that will be shown on Prime Time all
over Central and South America. I felt it was something I had to do.
The show is to be called "John the Baptist TV".

Last year when I got back from Uganda I was literally crying out
to the Lord about the state of things in the poorer nations - where
Prosperity gospels are literally destroying the church. All I could
do was weep and tell God, "Things are so bad, there's nothing we 
can do. It's too big. It's too far gone. There's nothing..." And I felt
God telling me very clearly that I had to use "Media". It was the
only way forward. And it had to be done with great priority.

It is now almost ten years since I last used TV. I used to direct and
produce to quite a high level in New Zealand, but I have left it alone
in recent years. I clearly felt from the Lord that I COULD NOT leave
it alone any longer. We need to make an all-out assault on the
falsehoods that are invading and destroying the church. They must
be replaced with TRUTH. -The true gospel in all its fullness. 

And so I have been looking out for the ways in which God might
have me use Media - especially in the poorer nations. Africa and
South America are clearly the most affected. The need is URGENT.

After all, why should it only be the awful "big-money" guys who  
end up dominating Christian TV? Should we just let them rule 
the airwaves and thereby rule what is being spoken to the church? 
Should they just be left alone to do this? Are we not called to fight 
for Truth? And should we not do so in a way where the people 
actually get to hear it?

The show is scheduled to air every Thursday night right across
Latin America, starting on May 20th. Is it costing money? Yes - 
certainly! But not an absolute "fortune". I simply cannot help 
sensing it is something we HAVE to do. And so I am going to be 
frantically busy over the next month getting the first shows ready. 
They will be dubbed into Spanish, but we also aim to have an 
English version airing each week on Ustream and Youtube - so 
you can watch them too!

Obviously, this is going to greatly affect our whole ministry and
our entire future. Please pray for us, my friends. And if anyone
feels led to 'donate' to this cause, you can do so at our website


Your comments on all this would be most appreciated.

God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.