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"For bravery none compares with our Lord. He never turned His
head from danger, not even when hell's hatred and heaven's justice
appeared against Him."
-William Gurnall

"Sin is never an accident. It's always intentional." - Ray Greenley

"I have often wondered why God put these two things together…as
the vital evidence of whether I am a child of God or a child of the
devil…Holiness and Love. And as the years went by, I came to
understand…as I watched people's lives…holiness without love is
ugliness. It is ugliness. It's rigid…separationalist…judmentary. But
love makes holiness beautiful. Love makes holiness Christ-like-
ness. A holy life governed by love is the mightiest weapon God
could ever have at His disposal on this earth. A Holy life governed
by love is a saved soul."
- From the sermon “Examine Yourselves” by Keith Daniel.

"The liberal says the end of religion is to make man happy while
he's alive. And the fundamentalist says the end of religion is to
make man happy when he dies."
-Paris Reidhead

"Why should a person come to the cross? Why should a person
embrace death? With Christ? Because it's the only way that God
can get glory out of a human being!"
-Paris Reidhead

"Is this really the church of Christ, or are we just calling it the
church because of our traditions and history?"
-K.P. Yohannan.