[anzac] REVIVAL in SOUTH AFRICA - encouraging!

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Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 09:36:58 -0700

ANDREW:  A couple of years ago I was in South Africa and wrote
when I got back how encouraged I was to see how God was moving
in that nation - especially amongst the white Afrikaners - which
was powerful and amazing. Below is another report of the great
things happening in that country:

My name is Jeff Zak, and I am a minister in Nelson BC, Canada.

I just came back from South Africa, and attended the Mighty Men's 
Conference at Shalom farm, with Angus Buchan-  450,000 men 
were there - [they only expect 300,000 for the World Cup there] it 
was a powerful and incredible time - I know of one other Canadian 
who was there at this time... repentance was preached at all 
sessions - thousands of first time professions of Christ took place... 
we were awakened art 4:30 am by the bugles for prayer at the 
camp... I stayed with a group of Australian brothers, and a
pastor from the Congo...

My father died while I was there, and I could not make it back
for the funeral, and my family encouraged I complete the itinerary 
[My wife and I, Marilyn, have six children] - however, I later had 
the privilege of preaching in colored churches, and a Congo 
church in Durban SA and an Indian church in Petermirizberg - 
these people are hungry for God - the Zulus are up at 5 am praying 
daily while I was there - one church of colored people in Cape 
Town had been on a 21 day Daniel fast when I arrived, and were 
breaking it today... so it was easy to speak there in that atmosphere...

                  So, there is a prosperity message problem in some 
churches, but not in the township churches I visited-  God is also 
doing great things, and revealing the cross, His sacrifice of His 
Son for the sin of mankind, and his love for those who turn to him...
I believe I saw revival breaking out at the camp MAC 2010, and 
pray God will move throughout Africa & the earth... a pastor brother 
from Nigeria shared that they are experiencing revival in his area as well...

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