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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:04:14 -0600
Date sent:      Sat, 27 Mar 2004 09:50:46 -0600
From:           Jimmy Humphrey <jimmy@...> 

Out on the STREETS:

"A Policeman Opposed but the Youth Gathered"
-Jimmy Humphrey.

Dear Brother Andrew,
I recently heard your sermon, "Thunder in Nashville" and 
was greatly moved by it.  I too, like you, have grown sick 
of the games many churches are playing.   We end up 
investing so much time in all sorts of circus shows in the 
church.  All thanks to the Church Growth movement, 
which has made many pastors resign being a shepherd, 
and instead have made them into CEO's. 

I am currently 21 years old, and believe I am called into 
one day being a pastor. However, I never want to become 
what I see in my own church, and many other churches 
that I have visited.  We need to get back to emphasis on 
the Word of God, and having our flesh desire Him above 
all things.  Sadly though, many churches would rather 
have an "outreach" that cancels Superbowl Sunday night 
services, so that folks might come together and have a 
Superbowl party at church.  I know many pastors who 
did that, or moved their services back a couple hours on 
Sunday night.  

Even though I don't believe there is anything wrong in 
trying to accomodate people to some degree... but that 
reveals to me how carnally minded we are, and shows as 
Keith Green once said in a song of his, "preferring the 
light of our tv to the light of God's Word." 

Your sermon really stirred me.  I've gone out on one 
occassion prior to hearing it to do some street preaching 
at a local outdoor mall.  As an old Church of God 
evangelist said, "If I cannot attract people with the word 
of God, what can I attract them with?"  Your message 
greatly stirred me, and after praying for about 45 minutes 
or so, I went out and preached once again at the same 
outdoor mall. 

If we are truly preaching the gospel, then that should be 
attractive enough.  We don't need all the gimics in order 
to drag folks into our churches.  I am in full agreement 
with you, that if another revival comes, it will be a street 
revival.  I am fully believing God for a revival in my own 
town, and I believe very greatly that He wants to pour 
out His Spirit upon this town.  I'd like to share all that 
occured last night, so that it might be some 
encouragement to you.

Last night I went up to a pretty populated area known 
as "Birkdale Village," which is pretty much an outdoor 
mall with some condo's.  I went to a rather busy area 
in front of the movie theatre, and stood up on a wishing 
well ledge, and started preaching.  In this area there are 
usually a lot of bored teens who are smoking and 
carrying on.  I went something along the lines of what 
the apostle Paul once did, noting how our town is very 
religious, and that there are a great many churches in 
our town.  Then I went from there and noted despite how 
religious we are, we have many idols.  And I named the 
two prominent America idols, prosperity- the american 
dream (which God told me is nothing more than a 
delusion and fantasy), and the idol of entertainment. 

At that point a police officer across the street heard me, 
and came over to me and wanted to talk to me.  He 
informed me that I was being too loud, and reminded me 
that I was on public property, thus, my "freedom of 
speech" is restricted to the atmosphere rules of that 
place.  He told me I could continue preaching if I wanted 
to, but that he would have to give me a ticket for a noise 
violation if he could hear my voice over the traffic or if he 
could hear me from over 50 feet away.

Then some woman who had been listening to me preach 
came up and interupted the officer and said she could not 
believe he was stopping me from speaking.  She then 
thanked me for having the courage to get up there and preach.

At this point, a lot of people were watching on, as they 
thought it was rather entertaining that the police officer 
was talking to me.  I thanked the officer, and told him I 
would do my best to comply with the laws of that area, 
and I lowered my voice.  At this point though, I had many 
people who were desiring to hear what I had to say, 
especially amongst the older teens.  At this point, many 
of them had taken a few chairs and formed a semi-circle 
around me as they desired to hear the Word of the Lord. 
There were probably about 15-20 teens around me intently 
listening to what I had to say.  So, for a while after this I 
spent time preaching, and answering questions that they 
had.  The Spirit of God was really upon me, and I could 
tell that I made quite an impact on a few of them.  I was 
shocked to learn how many of these kids that went to 
church, some all their lives, could not even give me the 
basics of the gospel.  Some had a semi-accurate 
knowledge of the things of God, but many did not.  This 
crowd was rather diverse, some being atheists, wiccans, 
presbyterian and catholic. 

When it was all said and done, many shook my hand and 
thanked me for sharing the gospel with them afterwards.  
I was quite shocked at this response, and wondered if that 
is a good thing, as I have often heard many preachers say 
if you are truly preaching the gospel, folks will not like you 
at all.  Some folks were Christians, and encouraged me in 
what I was doing. I could tell though that some of the people 
I preached to were truly troubled by what I said, and I am 
believing God to harvest those seeds.  I think it can be a 
good thing if people respond in such a manner.  Part of me 
wanted to do an "altar call" right there on the street.  But, 
I have personally never been a big fan of altar calls. They 
surely have their place, such as the one Joshua made 
with the people of Israel.... "choose this day whom you 
will serve..."  However, I'd rather people become miserable 
over their sins, and get James 4:9 into them, and then 
have a genuine response to the offered salvation of God. 

I just wanted to share with you what the Lord is doing in 
Huntersville, North Carolina (which is about 15 miles north 
of Charlotte).  I believe God wants to send a revival in this 
area based on a dream He gave me some time ago.  In 
my dream, I was standing in my backyard facing towards 
the south.  The sky was clear except for a small cloud 
above.  I then said, "Let it rain" and very quickly out of 
the west, rain clouds began to quickly form.  It rained 
very lightly and almost as soon as it began to rain, the 
sky became clear again.  Then as I stood in my yard 
again, I said, "Let it rain."  For a moment, nothing 
happened, but after a short delay, very dark clouds began 
forming in the west.  This rain was heavier and longer 
than the prior rain.  However, as you noted in your sermon, 
revival does not have to happen.  Joel's prophecy made 
that very clear, that the outpouring of God's Spirit would 
not come without repentance and seeking God.  It will not 
come without us paying the price. 

~Jimmy Humphrey,
Huntersville, North Carolina (USA).