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Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 13:04:07 -0700
NOTE FROM ANDREW:  I have known and ministered alongside
Douglas and Joie Pirkey in Wisconsin. They have a very important
ministry to the orphans in Rwanda - where the terrible genocide
happened in 1994. If you would like to support this upcoming
nationwide outreach to these orphans in Rwanda - then please 
read on below-

-by Joie Pirkey.

We received some urgent and very exciting news from Rwanda 
this past week. Eric Irivuzumugabe, author of "My Father Maker 
of the Trees," phoned me to inform us that the Rwandan government 
has requested that our annual conference for orphans goes 
national. Every year since 2005, Humura Ministries and Shouts 
of Joy Ministries have teamed up to host conferences for the 
orphans of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide. The past conferences 
have been quite successful in organizing the displaced kids, 
teaching them about handling their post traumatic stress 
symptoms, sharing the Gospel, and stitching them into a 
community of loving Christian brothers and sisters. This work 
is so fundamentally important in Rwanda and the surrounding 
area. These young people were stripped of everything in the 
1994 genocide. Their lives have become unbelievably difficult 
in its aftermath. The ability to forgive and heal is paramount to 
stopping the cycle of violence and we have been offered an 
opportunity to share the grace and love of Jesus Christ on a 
National level. Eric is expecting over 5,000 orphans if the
money comes in for traveling expenses and food for the kids 
who will attend from all over the nation.

The Rwandan Ministry of Sports and Culture has offered the 
Amahoro small stadium for the event. Many dignitaries and 
officials will be in attendance. They have asked Eric to launch 
his book during this time as well. He is planning to share his 
testimony and to introduce "My Father Maker of the Trees" 
which has a very strong salvation message of hope and 
forgiveness in its content. This is a significant opportunity for 
both of our ministries.

For some time now I have been feeling the prompting of the 
Lord to return to Rwanda for the event. We need to take care of 
a number of issues regarding moving Shouts of Joy Ministries 
forward on the ground in Rwanda as well. We have long term 
goals of opening a coffee washing station and living there with 
our family for an extended period of time. So we have many things 
to accomplish in preparation while we are there. After hearing from 
Eric last week we have been praying about the need to go for the 
event and including in the trip what we were hoping to accomplish 
later this year regarding laying the groundwork for our move. To be 
able to attend the conference and assist in that day we will need 
to raise $10,000 in the next two weeks.

Please take a moment and ask the Lord if He is prompting you 
to give. This is a strategic opportunity with endless benefits to 
promoting the Gospel through Rwanda and Africa. Your giving 
will be an enormous assistance to the work there. Donations are 
tax deductible and can be made either by Paypal or by check.
(Details below)- 

Checks can be sent to- 

Shouts of Joy Ministries,
P.O. Box 41, 
Little Chute, 
WI 54140 

OR to donate securely online using Paypal, go to this site-


Thankyou so much and God bless you all.