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Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 08:48:40 -0700
-extract by Chuck Baldwin.

Millions and millions of Americans (especially males) are literally 
intoxicated with sports. Sports are no longer a great American 
pastime; they are now a great American obsession.

Mind you, this writer has been a sports fan all of his life. I began 
playing organized basketball in the fifth grade; I was on the high 
school wrestling team; I played football in high school and college...

I am not talking about sports in general; I am talking about the way 
many American men have allowed sports to control and dominate 
their lives. With many, sports are not just a hobby; they are a 
religion. I cannot count the number of conversations between men 
that I overhear in restaurants, airplanes, boardrooms, and, yes, 
even church houses, in which every man in the circle is literally 
consumed with all sorts of sports facts, information, and opinions. 
In many such discussions, these men will talk about nothing else. 
To these men, there is absolutely nothing in the world more 
important than the latest sports score, announcement, or trade.

And there is also a very real psychological pitfall associated with 
a man's intoxication with sports. I submit that an obsession with 
sports gives men a false sense of masculinity and actually serves 
to steal true manhood from them.

For example, it used to be when men stripped their shirts off and 
painted their faces, they were heading to the battlefield to kill the 
tyrant's troops. Now they are headed off to the sports coliseum 
to watch a football game. A man's ego and machismo was once 
used to protect his family and freedom; now it's used to tout batting 
averages and box scores... 

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-The above is a small extract from Chuck Baldwin's article -
"America's Bread And Circus Society". To Read the Full piece-


(c) Chuck Baldwin