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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:24:02 -0600
From:           	"Ashanti Davis" <nashangl3@...>
Date sent:      	Sat, 27 Mar 2004 11:07:59 +0000

The "Passion" - No Shallow Cross
-by Ashanti Davis.

I saw the Passion of the Christ. I wept through the whole 
movie. It preached "Christ and Him crucified" better than 
any church sermon I have heard in a long time.  I also 
believe it was a rebuke to the church, the Body of Christ...

This "secular" movie was more biblically correct than 
anything I have seen by TBN, and really made most of 
the messages we hear on Sunday mornings seem very 
shallow.  How can we continue to "preach prosperity 
messages", and messages that do not teach us to 
"deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him", 
"to make no provisions for the flesh", in light of this movie?

In one scene, Jesus EMBRACES the cross looking to 
Calvery because that WAS His purpose, goal, and 
deliverance, not only for Him, but for the whole world.  
The man helping Him, says..."He embraces His cross"
[or something like that], and I thought - "but WE never do!"

We are taught as though the Lord serves us, and if 
anyone suffers, they don't have enough faith, so we don't 
deny ourselves anything.  In fact, we feel that the Lord 
should gives us whatever we want, and instead of taking 
up our cross, we reject our cross, and are taught to 
make EVERY provision for the flesh because surely "the 
Lord would not want any of His children to suffer, or to be 
uncomfortable because He died so we could be happy".  
But He allowed His ONLY begotten Son to go through 
ALL of that for a GREATER purpose.

I have read many accounts, and most seem to be 
"disturbed" because the movie was so "bloody", even 
some Christians are saying they would not recommend 
it because of this.  I was surprised at first because with 
all the horror movies that come out and the bloodshed 
that is shown, that remark seems sort of "hypocritical" 
even coming from the world, but then I rejoiced.  This is 
the first time the "Passion" has been shown in all it's 
"bloody glory" because it was the BLOOD that defeated 
satan, it was the BLOOD that saved us, because 
WITHOUT the shedding of BLOOD, there is NO 
remission of sins....Hallelujah!!!  Even some Christians 
want a bloodless Calvery, but Jesus had to shed BLOOD, 
for the Lord said "when I see the BLOOD, I will pass over 
you" -[bypass you with My judgement].  The BLOOD 
needed to be shown, for everytime the enemy of our 
souls sees the BLOOD, he knows he was, and has 
forever been defeated!!

If we want "rabbit hole" salvation, running from home to 
church, and back again, not touching anyone in between 
with the Gospel of Christ.  If we want to "preach to the 
choir" continually, and create "spiritual storehouses" for 
saints where we recycle saints, and our "harvest" is OLD 
members from other churches who come to be NEW 
members in our church, and no real NEW harvest...  If we 
will continue to lift up man, and stroke personalities in our 
pulpits instead of lifting up Christ, if we want to continue 
a "sugar coated" Gospel, that is politically correct, 
instead of preaching CHRIST, the Lord will allow us to, 
but He will get His true message out, and if HE has to use 
a secular medium to do it, SO BE IT!!! 

When I went to see the movie, the theater was packed, 
even young people, and couples were there.  Everyone 
went out very sober, reflective even, and I believe the 
Lord will use this movie to win souls to Himself.  I also 
believe Jesus is soon to come, sooner than we think 
because the Lord is using any and every thing to win 
souls.  Scripture teaches that the worst sort of people 
will "make it in" before the religious ones, and I see this 
coming to pass.  Some will leave from a "movie seat" to 
go on and be with the Lord, while others will be in a 
"church seat" and remain right there...

Mel Gibson made the movie when it was risky, unpopular, 
and used his own money when others rejected it. I believe 
he did it for the Lord alone.