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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 12:01:04 -0500
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Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 3:33 PM

"Overcoming Deficiency" 
-by Undrai Fizer.
God will provide for every dimension of our lives that has 
need. When we are in need, it is easy to become 
'vulnerable to the hands of those who can provide.'  When 
we are in great need, the lack has a way of 'destroying 
our discernment, causing us to expose the very secrets 
of our lives' to others.

We must conquer the destroying power of need and lack. 
I am not speaking of Significant relationships, fellowships, 
partnerships, and covenant friendships. I am speaking of 
the emotional and spiritual vulnerability that comes as a 
direct result of lack. It could be a significant lack in 
anything! Not just financial.

Significant deficiency, if not mastered and subdued, will 
freely open the door to your heart, exposing a need 'not 
meant for certain people to fulfill.' When this occurs, great 
and mighty frustration, distress, and feelings of failure will 
seek to consume you. In most cases, it may even 
'overcome you.'

Significant lack can alter your judgment and discernment. 
Deficiency exposes vulnerability, which in turn, produces 
ill fated decision making and insignificant covenant. 
Deficiency will have you saying 'yes' when you should be 
saying 'no.' Deficiency also produces compromise and 
'false vision.' Where there is significant lack you will also 
discover significant frustration.

The Wealth of the Lord does not come to make us stand 
alone. It comes in order to protect our weaknesses in Him, 
and not expose them to things that can come to destroy 
the vision of your life. Kingdom Wealth 'protects the 
interests of the Eternal Treasures that are embedded 
within the hearts of God's sons.'

The Wealth of the Lord 'reaffirms our relationships in the 
purest sense.' It empowers us to live truthfully within the 
confines of our assignments without the influence of 
deficiency, which will allow a place of compromise.

Our mentalities are being challenged by the Spirit, to 
expand into new horizons of Kingdom Wealth, Wholeness 
and Glory. We are being expanded to see wealth 'beyond 
the financial arena,' even though it is one 'of the many 
expressions of the Wealth that the Father has, and is, 
releasing into His sons.

He is freeing us from the inner deficiency of spirit, a lack 
that causes emotional, financial, and visionary poverty in 
every sense of the word. We cannot afford to lose our 
capacity to 'see, hear, create, believe, and do!' This is 
the worst form of deficiency.


Our need for covenant relationships will continue, because 
we were 'created in the Mind of God as a Significant and 
Uniquely formed son, designed to walk amongst the 
Brethren. We were not, however, created to 'die 
shamelessly by the hands of visionary poverty.' We were 
not created to 'die in the clutches of the spiritually blind, 
deaf, and mute.'

 -Undrai Fizer.
 [ www.undraifizer.com ]