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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 09:54:15 -0700
-Laura Maré.

Perhaps one reason why there is no revival is because the ministers
are not willing to pay the cost, namely the loss of reputation.
Gilbert Tennent ...was used mightily of God in the First Great
Awakening. Hear him give an account of the popular preaching in
his day: "They often strengthen the hands of the wicked by
promising them life. They comfort people before they convince
them; sow before they plough: and are busy in raising a fabric
before they lay a foundation. These foolish builders strengthen
men's carnal security by their soft, selfish, cowardly discourses.
They have not the courage or honesty to thrust the nail of terror
into the sleeping souls!"

"Despite the atrociousness of it, Satan really does have 'little
cause to fear most preaching.' Most preaching in the modern
church is completely devoid of unction." - A. Reavis.

"With all thy getting, get unction." - Leonard Ravenhill.

"Preaching without unction and praying without fervour, are two
reasons why revival tarries in our day. We need a moratorium on
reputation to see revival. May God rouse this generation to a
passionate pursuit for revival and a determined ardour to see it
come to pass." - Greg Gordon.