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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 12:01:04 -0500
MODERATOR:  Below is some discussion regarding 
to what extent we need 'leaders' or the 'Body'. (-Of 
course, you already know how strongly I believe in 
these things). It is a pretty interesting discussion. 
There are 2 EMAILS below:

From:  "Brenda" <email withheld>

Let me share a vision that I had a while ago that most 
closely is akin to what I know regarding the coming 
together of the Kingdom of God on earth...

I had a vision of the entire world, as a large globe. Upon 
face of this earth were many millions of people. Some 
of them were 'marked out' to me by being a darker color 
than the others. (I knew this was in order for me to
differentiate them from others on the face of the earth.) 
Each one of these individuals was exactly and 
completely that: individual. There was not a single 
connection between any one of them. BUT, each one 
was in total connection with the Mind of the Lord (this 
was invisible, but I clearly knew it by the Spirit), and 
THAT ALONE is where their relatedness came from. 

As I watched, those who were marked out for God 
began to form the shape of His living body upon the 
face of the earth. Again, no one took direction or
instruction from anyone else, but each person moved 
only in response to what he or she heard directly from 
the Lord. It was very much as though they were ball 
bearings rolling around, all together and yet each one 
totally separate. As they each moved independently, 
they began to take the congregate form of the Lord 
Jesus Christ. This form spread across the face of the 
earth. . . now it moved here. . . now it moved there. . .
all in accord with the Spirit of God as He perfectly 
directed each individual. As they were directed by Him, 
the body moved in unbelievable true harmony--it was
like watching a graceful slow dance that flowered out 
and became more and more beautiful as each person 
came into perfect harmony with the Music--who was/is 
our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, as they moved, it soon 
was evident that they WERE THE ACTUAL BODY OF 

I knew that if any two people decided to hold hands, or 
be directed by any other part of the body, it would 
interrupt the harmony of the whole.

This vision has given me an entirely new comprehension 
of what actually IS the 'body of Christ,' and of how it will 
function in God's perfect timing. Meantime, I am content 
to do whatever He places before me to do, trusting that 
He is moving me in the direction He desires me to go, 
and that He is doing the same with the rest of His saints.

From:    "James" <email withheld>

I think some of what you said is very "idealistic" but not 
at all practical. Just so you know were I am coming from, 
I have spoken more about not "following the leader" than 
anyone and have sought to make individuals "personally 
accountable" by checking things out for themselves...
With that said, you stated:
"Again, no one took direction or instruction from anyone 
else, but each person moved only in response to what 
he or she heard directly from the Lord." 
I think this type of philosophy is exactly opposite but 
just as dangerous as what we have in the institutional 
church concerning unity. There is substantial biblical 
precedence for us as a body to "take orders" from other
human beings. It's called "delegated authority" (and yes 
I cannot believe I said it!). The Lord "delegated" His 
authority to trusted individuals all throughout his word. 
That delegation was to edify and build. These are called 
"elders". But don't confuse this with the perverted version 
the self-seekers in the religious institution preach for 
their own gain and power.
Take marriage as an example. You are no longer 
"individual" when you get married, rather, the bible states 
that a man/woman shall leave their parents and the two 
shall become one. Yes we are still individuals but the 
call of marriage is oneness.
Look at Acts chapters 2-4. The thing that was so unique 
about the early church and the theme stated over and 
over is that they were "of one heart and one mind" and 
over and over again we see the self sacrificing for others. 
Now in the institutional church this message has got 
perverted... and the masses are controlled when the 
brain gets checked at the door. 
Getting back to your statement above, because we are 
fallen flesh we NEED the body. The Lord has specifically 
designed things this way so we MUST submit ourselves 
to one another because that is the way we will get the
whole picture. The Lord is truly speaking to each of us 
as individuals but has chosen to also speak to us 
THROUGH one another. It is very humbling to have to go 
to another human being for insight but as Paul said 
"knowledge puffed up but love edifies". If He gave us as 
individuals the whole plan I guarantee we would fall into 
pride as many already have!
But, we are not to submit ourselves in the perverted form 
it is being preached today out of fear to keep you in line 
and in the local church but in the biblical mode. The body 
is NOT there to tell you what to do from the time you get 
up to the time you go to bed but rather to "encourage one
another in the faith". The Lord has a grand vision and we 
as individuals need to find our place in that vision and 
submit ourselves to one another for the sake of HIS grand 
vision. People who think as "individuals" will be unable 
to make this transition.