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Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2010 00:57:16 +1300
-Randy Ailie & Maurice Smith.

We have spoken a bit in the past about "false" angels - 'Emma'
the glittering female angel and the like. But are there true angels
bringing messages from the Lord for His people today like in the
Bible? If so, what kind of messages would they be? One thing we
see in Scripture is that when true angels came, they were "holy"
messengers from the very presence of God. People often fell on
their face because of this holy presence of the Lord. And of course
the content of the messages was biblical and holy also.

Last week someone posted an account of a real "angelic visitation"
on our website. At least it had the ring of authenticity about it.
I believe the message it contains is important enough to risk
sending it out - despite a possible "backlash". Below are two
accounts of this exact same event. I would be interested in your
responses, my friends.

   -by Randy Ailie.

There is a huge crisis coming that is going to purge the system.
We as leaders need to recognize and address this. He is promising
to visit his church in a way we have never seen before.

A few years back I was in a meeting with other well known leaders
to pray about what the Lord wanted us to hear. 3 angels visited us.
This was witnessed by everyone there! They spoke to us concerning
this coming visitation and what we had to do to prepare for this... it
left an indelible mark on almost everyone there for years now. Most
of us walked around in stunned silence with bouts of crying for months.

They told us to shun or stay away from the  big things that were
being promoted by the church. They talked to us directly about
spending quiet intimate time with Him, alone!... This intimacy is
the foundation of everything, and the hardest! The second Angel
talked to us about the Lord bringing his Holiness back to the church.
And the third talked to us about the Lord himself bringing the very
Terror of God back to the church. This has left an indelible mark
on me. The entire church as we know it in every form and manner
has departed from these thoughts...

The third angel was (I am fighting tears here) standing as a flame
of fire. Just fresh out of the very presence of God. I do not know
how to explain or even try to use words here describing this, it
seems outside of my scope of words. He was overwhelming in his
appearance. He was the one telling us about the coming of the
terror of the Lord in his visitation on His church. I guess the Lord
wanted to make a point. I try not to spend much time thinking of
this, it kind of freaks me out. It is an unspeakable flashlight into
my existence and leaves me in a true state of awe in every sense
of the word. My perception of who God is has now and forever
been unalterably changed. Especially by this one.

(2) "THE MEETING" - Published May 2nd, 2007
   -by Maurice Smith.

The following took place at a recent house church gathering... I will
only say that I know and trust the people involved, people not given
to "pushing the envelope" or "flights of fancy". The meeting lasted
approximately four hours. What I am about to relate began roughly
an hour into the gathering. According to half of the people who were
present and actually witnessed this, three angels appeared, each
bearing a specific message.

The First Angel.
According to those present who witnessed this, the first angel was
clothed in crimson and purple and had a regal nature about him.
His message, as recorded by one person present, was as follows:

"This is what the spirit has to say to the 1st Church: Listen! The
1st angel of the church first established in the Lord says this.
Repent, for my heart is broken, for I have broken the staff of
correction over the backs of my sheep who long for different
pastures and whose heart is fat on that which is not holy, for I will
now let them pursue their own lusts and (I will now) stand out of
the way!"

The Second Angel.
According to those who witnessed this, the second angel was
clothed humbly and "non-descriptly" with simple robes. His
message was as follows:

"The 2nd angel has to say in a still small voice, be quiet, for only
those who seek to drink from the still small brook and who are not
afraid of persecution, who love the Lord more than life and thirst
not for the glory and the big things that profit only the flesh, who
hunger for intimacy, shall enter in! For in such is true power found -
in the quiet clearings where the River of God’s brook quietly
murmurs shall peace and purpose be found. Clothe yourselves
in humility, for I shall be found there in peace and tranquility!"

The Third Angel.

"When the 3rd angel approached me I trembled in fear (!) for he is
an all consuming fire. His eyes are ablaze with God’s glory and
his robes are a burning furnace - for he is fresh from the Lord’s
Presence, shrouded with His glory and holiness! And his presence
is a terrible thing, for he has to say:
‘Go tell my people to Repent, for they have lost their fear of the
Lord, they no longer desire to hear what He truly has to say (It will
cost you everything!). Holiness - Holiness - Holiness. Be Holy, for
I am holy! Tremble in fear for I am coming!’"

The Meaning

The people involved in this meeting/visitation were deeply affected
both then and for several days afterwards... One of them called me
on the verge of tears, "I’ve been pondering this all day. Maurice,
what does this mean?" Good question. I believe it means several
things, and I want to try and summarize what I think is happening...

God is still calling His people to repentance (two of the three angelic
messages contained exhortations to repent)... but they have
resisted the "staff of correction" and so He is preparing to send
them one of the worst forms of judgment; He is going to stand
aside and let them have their own way: "I will now let them pursue
their own lusts and (I will now) stand out of the way!" It is a terrible
day when God gives us over to the lusts and desires of our own heart...

We are entering a season of divine visitation and God is driving a
stake in the ground (one of those "Remember this day!" moments).
He is calling His Church back to repentance, to intimacy and to
holiness. These three messages are not new. We’ve heard them
before... repentance, intimacy and holiness.

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