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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 00:22:49 +1300
-Dudley Smith

I had opened a food bank in my town and spoke at all the churches.
Some were so boring as far as the music, the preaching, etc. But 
what I later found out amazed me. I had a lady who's false teeth 
wouldn't fit any more because she got sick and lost a lot of weight.
Medicare would not pay for her teeth and she needed $400 to 
replace them. The large type churches said they would pray for 
God to provide for her. One even said they would pray God would 
supernaturally give her teeth. But the little "dead" church that I 
called came up with the $400.

Another time I had an elderly man's roof come off in a huricane. 
Again, the same "We'll pray for him." But another church that 
everyone talked about being like a cult gathered up some of their 
teenagers and went and replaced the man's roof. Time and time 
again, I saw this.

I saw people that a church would lead to the Lord at an altar call, 
and when the person would tell them they were homeless, they 
would put them up in a motel for only 1 or 2 days, saying that's 
all they could afford, but that they were a child of God now, and 
God would take care of them.

However, I could bring them to a Catholic Church in town, and 
they would put them up for a month, and work with them to find a 
job and get them on their feet. Who really did the right thing? 

NOTE: Who then was really like the "Good Samaritan" in the 
parable? And what about us?

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