[anzac] NO 'BODY'? NO LEADERS? -by Andrew Strom

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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:04:44 -0500
NO "BODY"? NO LEADERS? -Really??
-by Andrew Strom.

Yet again in this forum the subject of whether we
"REALLY" need a Body or "REALLY" need leaders has 
arisen. I guess I find this a frustrating topic, because it
is one that never seems to go away - no matter how
often we have discussed it over the years.

During my "wilderness" period in the 1980's and early
1990's, I would have argued loudly that "NO!" - We do
not need to be part of a 'body' to live as a true Christian.
"God is doing a new thing," I would have said. "And there 
should only be kind-of 'invisible' leaders or none at all... 
Anyhow, the churches and leaders we see today are 
nothing like the Bible." - This is the kind of argument I 
would have used at that time. I had many heated 
discussions along these lines.

But today I have a different view. I believe we are about 
to see a move of God that will bring about the highest
form of 'Body life' and true leadership that we have ever
seen. The best example of Body Life that we know of  
was the book of Acts church - but we have never actually
seen such a thing ourselves. Back then, 'Body Life' 
involved incredible unity, love and community of the 
highest order - and a clear recognition of the authority of 
the apostles. We are going to see this kind of thing 
again. And we are going to see leaders like David arise, 
who truly have a "heart after God".

It is important to realize that if you take away 'BODY'
and "LEADERS" then you pretty much destroy the
entire purposes of God in the earth. Most of the New
Testament has to be thrown out. In fact, the entire
purpose and direction of God in the earth is lost.

He is after a Body in the earth that truly represents 
Him. He is after a Body that looks like Jesus, sounds
like Jesus - and in fact is "LIKE CHRIST" in every way.
It is to be His 'body' - doing His works. That is the 
whole point of the New Testament. And He raises up 
LEADERS known as the "Five-fold ministry" to bring 
His people into this state - into the "full stature" of 
Christ. (-That is their job).

What is the "full stature" of Christ? It is simply this:
Every member of the Body functioning to the fullest
extent of what they are meant to be in God. Knitted
together "as one", cleansed and purified - a glorious,
anointed Bride - truly fit for the King.

This could not be further away from the concept of
'individuals' who are out there by themselves "doing
their own thing" in God. It is the exact opposite.

This is not to say that today's church is 'ideal' in
any way. Far from it. But there are harmful attitudes
amongst many people that could prevent them from
having a part in what God is about to do. There is a
'new move' coming.

As soon as you get rid of the idea of leaders with
godly 'AUTHORITY' then you have got rid of the entire
New Testament, in my view. It is then impossible for God 
to bring about the Body that He so desires. If there is to
be no "five-fold ministry" then all is lost. The Bride can 
never be. Christ's Body has to be formed the way He 
prescribes in Scripture - with "every joint supplying" - 
or it will never become His Body at all.

God has always used strong leaders right through
history. It is the way He operates. From Abraham,
Moses and Joshua down to Peter, Paul, Whitefield and
Wesley - it has always been God's way. 'Five-fold' type
leadership is ESSENTIAL to seeing God's purposes
fulfilled in our day as well. And they will be leaders
of great authority. Not harsh dictators, but men who 
have a heart like David. True authority and true leadership 
go hand in hand.

Such was the authority of Peter that under his word
Ananias and Saphira were struck dead. This sent a
godly fear right through Jerusalem - amongst believers
and unbelievers alike. And such was the authority of 
Paul that under his word a false prophet was literally 
struck blind. These were "fathers" in the church, to 
bring God's order, discipline and love to bear so that 
the entire body could be molded and grow up into the 
"fulness of the stature of Christ". And they were 
constantly on guard lest the devil's deceptions get in 
and wreck everything. There is NO CHANCE of a full 
"Bride" without leaders such as these. The devil would 
get in so fast, we would hardly know what hit us.

As you can see, I have come to regard the "anti-leader"
and "anti-body" dogmas that are out there as being
essentially "anti-christ". They are against Him and His
purposes in every way. They stop people wanting to
come together and "BE" the Body of Jesus. And they
stop people from expecting true LEADERS to arise
that they can join with and find trustworthy. What 
happens is that a terrible cynicism arises inside people.
They reject authority and go off by themselves. Some
stay that way for years.

It is very significant to me that it was only when I 
RENOUNCED (-with all my being) all "REBELLION" and 
Cynicism, that I was set free from these deceptions. 
Suddenly my eyes were opened and I could see the 
harmful attitudes that 'Rebellion' had formed inside me. 
I would encourage every person to go through this 
"RENOUNCING" process. Treat these things like 
'demons' that you have to get out of you! RENOUNCE 
them with the full force of your entire being - in Jesus' 
name. Go through your life and get rid of any darkness
inside you - any pride, hurt, rebellion, whatever. 
RENOUNCE it all. You will be transformed. This 
process certainly transformed my life. What a breakthrough!

"The Spirit and the Bride say 'Come'", my friends.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.