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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 23:16:41 +1300
-Andrew Strom + Yves Perriard.

We have long stated that what America is experiencing is no mere
"Recession" but rather a new "Depression". Officially the USA is
supposed to be in a 'recovery' and yet unemployment remains at
virtual "Depression" levels. My heart truly goes out to all those
caught up in this. Truly an awful time to be out of work in America.

During the LBJ years the way the US Government measured
unemployment was changed to make it seem "less bad". Thus
they can announce that US unemployment is now "only" 9.6 %. 
But the 'REAL' unemployment rate (known as U6) is at 17 percent.
(Over 20 percent in California). And according to the well-known
economics site Shadowstats, if unemployment was counted
like it was in the 1930's, it would stand today at 22 percent.
And it has been this way for months - with no "recovery" in sight.

But let us leave these statistics and consider the "spiritual"
aspect of what is happening in America today. Despite the heart-
wrenching human cost of such a downturn, is there some way in
which this crisis is actually doing spiritual "good" in America? Is
it possible that it is bringing a turning away from the old idols of
materialism and a real hunger towards the true things of God?

I was very interested to read the words of the Swiss preacher
Yves Perriard who recently ministered to 18 different fellowships in 
25 States of America. Here is what he wrote- 

Of the dozens of times I have been in the States in the last 20 
years (totalizing more than 2-3 years when put together), I have 
never observed the present attitude that prevails in so many 
Americans. The forceful and almost arrogant attitude of self-
confidence which used to say "just do it, we'll make it happen", 
has been replaced by a far more humble and broken spirit. Many 
believers start to realize that God's dream is not the same as the 
American Dream. Their government has failed them, their economy 
has not turned around, and the future looks very uncertain. Only 
God gives true hope.

I cannot tell you how many times I have prayed for believers who 
have lost everything (job, house, confidence in the future) and have 
gone through a very dry time of wondering what God is doing with 
them. The biblical concept that we sometimes have to lose most 
of our securities in order to find God has become very real to 
many American Christians. Many of you reading this e-mail are 
now going through a spiritual desert and isolation in which your 
only hope is God. This is a strong reality that is radically shaping 
the very foundations of the Church."  [- Yves Perriard].

Unless you are in Greece, Spain or Ireland, it is very hard to 
comprehend what the USA is going through right now. And as 
their unemployment benefits expire, it looks set to grow even
worse. Yet it does, in some strange way, seem to be turning
people's hearts back to God. Dare we hope for Revival in the
wake of such a great Recession? Only time will tell.

I would love to hear comments from readers in the USA about
the "spiritual" changes they are sensing in the wake of this crisis.
Please post your comments at the following site-


God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.