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ANDREW's NOTE:  I believe this is one of the most powerful words
that I have seen in the last 5 years. It comes from a Christian
lawyer from India named Swarna Jha - and it was posted on our
Forum a couple of years ago. Time to re-read it again-

-by S. Jha.

I saw this vision on the 22nd of August 2006

I saw a Lion. I walked with Him to a very high Rock. The Lion then
Climbed the Rock, and Stood on the very top of this high Rock. I
stood below, looking up at Him.

He let out a LOUD ROAR.

And EVERYTHING in the atmosphere / universe changed.

In a flash I had a 360 degree vision, and what I am about to relate
happened in a flash, but I spent the whole of the 22nd of August,
just waiting on God to see in ‘slow motion’, what I had seen in a
speedy flash, and understand what I had seen.

I was told that my mind could not grasp the vastness of the
changes I saw in the Vision. So I stayed at home, and did not take
up any duties but spent the whole day, off and on, every few hours
just re-visiting this vision and seeing it unfurl in more detail, now at
a speed that I could cope with. I don’t think I have ever seen such
a lengthy vision, condensed into a 360-degree vision flash before.

Frame by frame this is what I saw:

I saw Empires fall, and wars begin.

I saw that where previously, formulas and general understanding
were proven, it did not work any more, where there were people
and places overflowing with money one moment, the next morning
the moneyed had nothing.

I saw many ‘proven’ thoughts, and ways now nullified.

I saw that the balance was tipped in favor of the East.

I saw Angels who had been working in the North and Northwest,
recalled and sent East.

I saw children snatched out of the hands of some of the parents.

Fresh food stopped in the western area and was diverted to the
East. The fertile became barren and the barren became fertile.

All this, from Just One Roar of the Lion.

I saw 3 long lines of writing in the sky. It read:

Lost, Lost, Lost.

But below, it I saw the word:
Gain , gain, gain……..where this line ended I could not see, as it
just continued on, endlessly.

I saw that the East gained money, food, etc.
The losses were loss of power, prestige, money, position.

I saw:

Where a soldier stood to load his gun, to shoot, even the last
single bullet he had was taken away.

Where a soldier stood ready for packing his gun, where truce had
been declared, divine bullets loaded his gun, and led him to shoot.

In the Universe, expected cosmic events were diverted and
unexpected ones were brought forth.

Deserts bloomed, greenery was made barren. Light that had
focused on the West, now moved East.

This was so sudden that it was like saying…”One morning I woke
up, and all was changed”.

(Scripture: Amos 3: 8: )
The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken,
who can but prophesy?

The Lion has Roared.

Dark clouds disintegrated from one place and gathered in another.
Whilst there was a West to East exchange on a large level, on
individual levels there were changes too. Everything, everything,
everything, was changing.

All this from, Just One Roar of the Lion.

Just that One Roar, and things from here, were flying there and
vice versa. People/ Nations, who had got used to a way of life/of
thinking, were in for either a shock or a surprise.


The hungry were fed, and the fed, went hungry. All opposites were happening.

Many homeless were housed, and many of those with homes
became homeless. Light became dark and dark became light.
Whatever the present situation, the opposite was happening.

Many rich became poor and many of the poor became rich.

All this, from Just One Roar of the Lion.

Clouds that were meaning to rain, suddenly disintegrated and it
rained elsewhere, where least expected.

People were in puzzlement. They said to themselves, ”but I
thought….”  No, nothing would be as “I thought. “

Many were saying, “But it always worked this way”. Now no more.
For those who said, “It’s never worked for me,” they were surprised
to know that it will, now.

Heralds blew trumpets, proclaiming: “ End of empire, end of empire”.

Anyone who had been a Specialist, Monopolist, the kingpin in any
area of his life/business, now that would begin to end. Nations that
had empires or aspirations building towards it, would now see the
beginning of the end of those empires.

Nothing was the same. Everything, everything had changed.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

And He Has Roared.

Empty pockets were filled, the filled emptied.

Strategic changes were taking place. Whatever had worked like
clockwork would not work now. People of peace were making war,
and warring nations calmed down.

For the warring nations it was like the wind was taken out of their sails.

Just as Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Rome, Britain etc were all once
super powers/empires, but their reign and era ended, so now any
‘super power' or aspirations thereof, was being diffused. Nations
that were looked up to were now beginning to be looked down
upon and vice versa.

Balance of power and favor had shifted East.

Angels in the West, held Gold Books. One book was titled “Most
Wanted”, the other, “Most Favored”.

‘The Most Wanted’ Book had living photographs of the most evil
people, the traitors etc. Each one was dealt with and disposed.

The Most Favored, in the other gold Book with living photographs,
were some of those, who had lived through most desolate
conditions, such were lifted up.

(All that is related here, remember, was happening all at once.)

In the midst of all this, I heard the Angels sing: Glory, Glory, Glory.

Time was sped up in some places, in others, it was slowed down.
Wild beasts were all crouching in fear, afraid. I saw the milk inside
of cows curdle.

Just One Roar Of the Lion.

I saw Eagles, fitted with miniature bells. The bells were so minute,
it was hard to believe that if they rang any could hear. Eagles did
not speak, they just carried the bells that were fitted to their beaks.
People were to ‘read’ the sounds.

Wheresoever the Eagles flew, to some the ringing of the bells was
as a very high, deafening pitch. I was not allowed to hear this high
pitch sound, but it was revealed to me, that it was an unbearable/
deafening high pitch sound.

But there were others who heard the same bells, which the Eagles
had attached to their beaks, and to these the sound transmitted
was different. It was sheer music. I heard this. Such people, had
their hands lifted high and they were happily sighing and
exclaiming, “Finally!”

I saw Angels collect gold crowns from those in the North, and they
dipped the crowns in a smoky place (the kind of smoke one sees
with dry ice), and when the crowns emerged from the smoke, they
looked exactly the same, but now they were silver.

No matter in which direction I looked all had changed.

It seemed that the very nature of nature changed.

Volcanoes that were dormant, the ashes were removed, and a new
fire was lit in them. It seemed that certain species, suddenly
became extinct.

Reams of paper fell from the sky; paper and pens were sent down,
for Chroniclers and Historians, for it was going to be a busy time for them.

Nothing of all creation was left untouched, at Just One Roar of The Lion.

Outside, the earth looked still, but within were rapid-fire changes.
Quick, sudden, some were devastating, others surprisingly
favorable, but this favor was mostly for the East.

I saw what looked like a flight-path that normally airlines describe
on their brochures, as routes of flights/destinations.

For prophets, their flight -paths were moved from here to there, as
if randomly, but it was not random, it was the Plan of God for
prophets. Prophets will be suddenly moved, and see things from a
new vantage point.

I saw some people become tar, whilst others became fountains of water.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

Many changes took place in the Universe.
On earth, snows of old melted, and water in unlikely places froze.

It is no ordinary thing, when the Lion Roars.

Those dressed warm in the winter, had their clothes taken away,
they were left naked. But the naked street-dweller was clothed.
There was a divine transfer of wealth, knowledge, and understanding.

People, who’d talked and talked for years, had their mouths taped.
But, as in Ezekiel 24: 2, those that had been mute for a season now spoke.

As the vision progressed, I heard the Lord Say:
My People have no roof over their head. I Am their Roof.”

I was flown speedily, over building after building, and as we flew, I
heard the Lord Say: “ Not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not Mine, not
Mine, not Mine, not Mine.”

Now I was despairing. What then was God’s?

Then I was shown, people in the fields, with instruments. They had
no roof over their heads. These were God’s own.

The buildings we flew over, were demolished by an elephant’s
trunk and many T.V. Studios had a fire underneath them.
Apparently these buildings had been re-built on the same grounds
where prior buildings had been condemned and burnt. These new
buildings had been built on the foundations of charred remains
and ashes.

I saw oil poured out from the sky, in two separate ways. One fell
over people who gladly received it over them and laughed in the ‘oil
rain’. On the other hand, for others, the oil rain caused to be set
aflame all that was below.

All that was up to the present became obsolete, and new
technology, the secrets of which were hidden in nature, appeared.

Science made simple but profound discoveries. I saw Scientists
have a ‘Eureka’ moment. For many who were researching,
studying, looking for, the ‘thing’, it was right there before their very
noses. Once they saw it they slapped their foreheads, lamenting, “Silly me!”

Follies of science were exposed. The simplicity of the discoveries
to come were mind-boggling.

Just One Roar Of The Lion.

The very nature of nature seemed to be changing. It was as
unbelievable as Isaiah 11: 6-8, ‘the wolf also shall dwell with the
lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;……

In some places, I saw an overabundance of wheat, which flowed
into the sea, as it was so plentiful. But in other places, I saw land,
which was once green, and was now parched land where nothing grew.

I saw beautiful blooms on cactus/desert plants.

He, who understands these changes, will prepare.

The Earth was in a global eclipse. One half had light, the other
half was in darkness. It seemed that plates were shifted/removed
from the earth. There were people who raged against God. “ We’ll
do what we have to, let Him do what He Wants to”, they were saying.

Trees trembled. They knew that their time to be cut had come. To
many, prophets and counselors were restored, but from others,
the prophets and counselors departed. Sadly, those from whom
they departed noticed it not.

Focus/emphasis of the Church, and the world, due to the presence
of new circumstances, changed.

All this, by Just One Roar Of The Lion.

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