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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 19:31:41 +1000
NOTE: Dennis Cramer comes from the Prophetic/Apostolic camp,
and for that reason I approach his ministry with caution. However,
I certainly agree with these recent statements of his-


What exactly is meant by the phrase “at will”?...
“At will” means a believer makes a decision, on his own, to initiate
or attempt to duplicate a particular sovereign, supernatural
experience.  The individual wants a particular supernatural
experience to happen so badly, he will do anything, (within his
power), to make it happen – to force it, to duplicate or copy it,
whether or not it is God’s sovereign will. Rather, a believer should
allow God to SOVEREIGNLY cause it to happen at His chosen
time, as we see recorded in all similar bible examples.

When a believer unwisely exercises his (soulish) human will,
outside of or in conflict with the sovereign will of God, (anything
contrary to the written word of God, the Bible), he is producing a
seemingly supernatural (source unclear) experience, from his own
will or “at will”.  This is the meaning of “at will.” “At will” is self-will,
and self-will can be sinful, and can lead to all kinds of spiritual deception
and questionable practices.

The question of supernatural sovereign experiences “at will”

Do I believe in third heaven experiences? Absolutely, I do. The
Bible supports such sovereign experiences as in the example of
Paul in II Cor.12.  Do I believe in being physically transported?
Absolutely, I do!  By a sovereign act of God, Phillip was physically
transported (Acts 8) from one location to another. So if it’s in the
Bible I believe it! I believe it all! Amen!

However, there is a HUGE difference between God willing you to
have a certain sovereign bible experience, (like Paul or Phillip) as
opposed to you willing it, or trying to make it happen, to duplicate
it through mere human effort or merely through the exercising of
your human or soulish will, in other words, “at will.” These Bible
experiences were 100% sovereign. They did not happen because
these individuals willed them into existence or willed them to
happen. God and God alone initiated them – He and He alone
willed them. This is the very nature of a sovereign experience: God
makes it happen when He wants, where he wants, and with whom
He wants. Period! And they usually happened when the candidates
or recipients least expected it. Why? Because these were
sovereign events, not planned or initiated by man, but by God.

When discussing a sovereign experience there is a big difference
between initiating versus cooperating. God INITIATES all sovereign
experiences, the believer COOPERATES with them. Mix the two,
crisscross them, and this can lead to some real doctrinal
confusion and counter-productive measures.

It’s all about God’s sovereignty…

The critical issue with operating in the supernatural is: who is
initiating what or who is “willing” what? Teaching believers that by
following certain steps, teachings, formulas, and/or merely
exercising their own human wills, they can duplicate any sovereign
supernatural experience is dangerous and unscriptural.

One cannot go to heaven like Paul or be transported physically
like Phillip simply because they want to, or because they feel like
it, (at will). Teachings like this often cross over into dangerous
methods and techniques that resemble new age, mysticism,
spiritism or other occult manipulative practices. A believer cannot
and must not force, manipulate, or otherwise attempt to reproduce
a sovereign supernatural Bible experience by merely following a
method, a series of steps, or worst of all “willing it” to happen.

Whether we are discussing being translated in the spirit or
transported physically, or any supernatural sovereign experience
we read about in the Bible, the critical difference between whether
it is God or not is who “willed” it to happen: Was it you or was it
God? If you willed it to happen, it ceases to be a sovereign, God
ordained, supernatural, Bible experience, and you risk
experiencing a counterfeit.

It Is Time To Dust Off Your Bible!...

There is now wide-spread acceptance of “marginal to heretical”
doctrines. Just 25 years ago individuals would have been thrown
out of the church if caught teaching these heresies.  How did this
happen? Simply, we have become biblically ignorant.  We have
not been diligent to feed on the unadulterated Word of God. We
are at best malnourished and in some cases starving to death.
Biblical ignorance is on the increase in the church, even to
epidemic levels! Like any form of “lack” created by ignorance
which can lead to sickness, only the proper “intake” or in these
cases, only proper biblical education can remedy it.

“Warning: We live in an age of “anything goes” theology! The
charismatic church is in big trouble!”...

There is a growing trend towards some really bad doctrine out
there. And we, the church, must put a stop to it! If we don’t, no
one else will! The church must begin to police herself against
unorthodox (false) teaching and bizarre practices. You must
reacquaint yourself with the scriptures and know your Bible.

“In 40 years of serving God, I have not heard so much bad doctrine
preached from so-called  ‘bible believing’ Christians – specifically
charismatic Christians.”...

We must pray for a “Berean Revival” in the church – a revival which
returns us all to our roots – our roots in the Word of God. In the
Bible, the original Bereans were believers who “searched the
scriptures daily to find out whether these things be so”.  There is a
lot of doctrine currently in circulation in the charismatic church
that is highly questionable – even heretical. Each believer must
begin to “search the scriptures” for himself to discover whether
what he is believing is biblical or not (Acts 17:11). Stop
unequivocally trusting ministers and their pulpits to always and
completely preach the truth – some do, some do not.  You need
to search and know the scriptures for yourself. If their teachings
sound too good to be true – they very well may be! Know your
bible... My prophetic word to all Pastors/ Teachers for 2011 is
simple: “Preach the Word!”  Know your bible.

Some examples of current doctrine circulating in the church: You
must believe me that I am NOT making this stuff up!



is no biblical record of any believer having to go to heaven to get
any gift. This is a totally unnecessary spiritual exercise. The three
listings of gifts in Romans, I Cor., and Ephesians have all been in
the church for over two thousand years. They are not in heaven, so
why go there to get them? The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have
each deposited Their respective gifts in the church here on earth.
For 2000 years, Christians have been receiving here ON EARTH
from this great deposit of gifts. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be
done, ON EARTH, as it is in heaven.”  Amen!

•    CLOUD of WITNESSES / DEAD SAINTS: Teaches that
Christians should expect the intervention of dead saints in our
daily lives. This entire deception is based on a terribly
irresponsible interpretation of a single obscure verse in Hebrews
12:1. We do not need dead saints intervening in our lives. We have
Jesus as our Mediator, the ONLY mediator we need between God
and man (I Tim.2:5) and He is not dead. He is alive!  Necromancy,
that is, communication with the dead, (any dead) is forbidden in

•    TRAVELING in TIME AT WILL: I have been unable to find this
in the bible. Let alone doing it “at will.”


•    OVER EMPHASIS on ANGELS: Yes, they are real. But an
angelic visitation is a rare and precious event. Most Christians will
never have an encounter with one. And it is extremely unlikely that
a Christian will be visited by an archangel.  Michael and Gabriel
were given specific, significant, world changing tasks in the
scriptures. It is likely that they have more important things to do
than to drop by your house for a visit!


•    TRANCE DANCING: I have been unable to find this in the bible...

Seducing Spirits! (ITim.4:1-4)  There has been loosed on the church
for 2000 years a literal army of demons who sole task is to deceive
the church!  Unfortunately, these deceiving, seducing, spirits are
enjoying some of their most successful efforts. Why? The average
believer does not know his bible.  The bible is absolute truth, forever
settled in heaven. It is our sword of the Spirit – two edged and
deadly. To be bible ignorant is to have no offensive weapon against
our enemy Satan.  Our ONLY defense against our enemy is a proven
offense. And our proven offense against this hoard of demons is
the written Word of God, the bible. Jesus wielded this same written
word-sword against Satan in the wilderness with great results. So
should you! I hear the church saying again, “DEVIL, IT IS WRITTEN!”
It does not matter what you think, feel, sense, or even believe. It
does not matter what experience you claim to have had, or how
many trips to heaven you claim to have made, or how many angels
you claim to know on a first name basis. The only thing that matters
is what God said in His Word. Know your bible...  - Dennis Cramer.

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