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Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 14:41:01 +1030
-by Andrew Strom.

When there seems to be one major catastrophe after another
striking the nations of the world, people often ask, "Is this the
Judgment of God?" Or just "natural" events? Or perhaps some
combination of the two? How are Christians to view these things?

One of the most important insights into these questions was given
by Jesus Himself in Luke 13. He said: "Those eighteen, upon 
whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that
they were sinners above all that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you,
No. But unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish." (v 4-5).

So if we apply these words to Christchurch, for instance, it is
obvious that the people who died were not being "judged" for being 
"greater sinners" than other people in New Zealand. In fact, I dare-
say that Christchurch was no more or less 'sinful' than any major 
city in the country. It was a terrible tragedy that occurred, and it 
should shake us all up. But they did not die because of their 
"greater sins". And clearly we are to have great compassion on
everyone caught up in this terrible event.

The one area that I believe God IS speaking very strongly about in 
both the Christchurch earthquakes is the shaking of the CHURCH.
In fact, the Church was the focus of my entire article a couple of
weeks ago on this awful disaster. Some people thought it was
about the city of Christchurch. My sincere apologies if you thought 
that. My focus was the CHURCH - not the city - and the sad 
inadequacy of the Christian response after the first quake - which
did have consequences, I believe.

I am convinced that we have now entered the hour when "Judgment
begins at the house of God". When we see the only major city
that is called "Christchurch" in the Western world being hit by two
massive earthquakes - and many of the buildings most damaged
are church buildings - you have to ask the obvious questions. Is
God speaking to the church in no uncertain terms about the
"Shaking" that is now beginning in Christendom? Are we about
to see this 'Shaking' grow much worse, even to the taking down
of many major ministries and voices in the church? -I have to
believe so.

It seems to me that the world has recently "turned a corner" where
these kinds of catastrophes are suddenly much more common all
around the world. Economic and political turmoil are likewise in
the ascendant. Surely we have to conclude that these are some 
of the "birth pangs" described by Jesus - which are set to grow 
much worse before the end.


One of the things we need to watch out for as these things grow
worse, is immersing ourselves too much in the "humanistic" 
viewpoint of the mass media. You will notice that now during 
these tragedies, the media is right there in people's faces, bringing
as much of the trauma and grief of every tragic story home to the
viewer in as lurid a way as they can. You can watch for hours as
tragic stories play out one after the other in front of your eyes. But
none of it is from God's point of view. It is all from the viewpoint of
man - in fact, "secular human" man. This is something to be
careful of.

God looks at things from an "eternal" point of view. To Him the
greatest disaster is for man to die in an unsaved state - totally
unprepared for Judgment and eternity. God is even willing for there
to be great shaking and turmoil in the earth, if it causes men to
seek Him and find eternal salvation. There is none of this in "man's"
media. It is just a total "human" trajedy and they have no interest
in eternity at all.

As the very end approaches and the earth enters the actual 
Judgments found in the Book of Revelation, we see that this
"humanistic" viewpoint comes even more to the fore. Instead of 
repenting as all these judgments and disasters are hitting the earth, 
it seems as though people will be literally shaking their fist at God, 
saying, "How dare you send such things upon us? How dare you 
be so destructive and demand that we repent?"

If all we consider is the "human" tragedy, then we can easily get
caught in the same trap. We forget that the biggest disaster in the
Universe is to die unsaved and unprepared for Eternity. That is the
worst possible thing. We cannot immerse ourselves in "humanistic"
media to the point that we only think of disasters in "human" terms.
There are wider issues here - and we must make sure to take on
God's point of view - not the view of "humanistic" man.

But to be sure, we must "weep with those who weep". When we
see tragedies, like Jesus we must not close our hearts to the
broken and the hurting. Jesus wept and so must we. Let us always
keep Eternity's viewpoint uppermost, however.

Again, I send love and tears to our dear friends in Christchurch -
and everyone else caught in recent disasters around the globe.
As I have said, Christchurch to me was one of the most beautiful
cities I have ever seen, and we have lovely friends there that are
very dear to us. May God be with you all at this devastating time.

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God bless you all,

Andrew Strom.