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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 11:15:29 +1030
MORE SHAKING:  I am writing this from Singapore where I arrived
on Thursday. We got the awful news yesterday of the huge Richter 
8.9 earthquake in Northern Japan - with Tsunami warnings for the 
whole Pacific rim. It certainly seems lately that "Everything that 
can be shaken is being shaken."  Only Jesus is the solid Rock on 
which to stand. Clearly the entire "Pacific Ring of Fire" is on
tenderhooks - with more shaking ahead. I continue to be concerned 
about New Zealand, which is a very earthquake and Tsunami-prone 
place - especially the North Island east coast which has many 
prophecies of a Tsunami hit - and also Wellington (earthquake). 

Very sorry that we have not been able to put out the usual number 
of articles lately, my friends. I have been travelling and ministering
so much that sometimes it has been difficult. Below are some 
more "great quotes". Blessings to you all in these perilous times. 
-Andrew Strom.


"Far be it from me to imagine that Zion contains none but Calvinistic
Christians within her walls, or that there are none saved who do not
hold our views."
- Spurgeon

"I have a passion, and it is He, He only"
- Count Zinzendorf

"If God is not going to do it, nothing is going to happen"
- Gerhard Du Toit

"Everywhere there is apathy. Nobody cares whether that which is
preached is true or false. A sermon is a sermon whatever the subject;
only, the shorter the better."
- Spurgeon

"Religion today is not transforming people; rather it is being
transformed by the people. It is not raising the moral level of
society; it is descending to society's own level, and congratulating
itself that it has scored a victory because society is smilingly
accepting its surrender."
- A.W. Tozer

"A man can not lead others where he is not willing to go himself.
Therefore, beware of the prayerless church leader who no longer
readily admits his own need for more of the person and power of
Jesus Christ. Only a seeking, praying heart can truly encourage
spiritual HUNGER in others!" - David Smithers.