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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 20:48:47 +1100
-by Joie Pirkey.

This word by Lance Lambert "The Time of Shaking" came in 1986
and I want to say through experience in Rwanda, I have seen it 
played out.  First the selfish ambitions of man created a divide so 
desperate that by 1994 neighbors began to slaughter neighbors.  
This small nation was devastated after over 1,000,000 were killed 
in 100 days. Even earthquakes ravaged her borders since.  

But when the turmoil passed a strange and unbelievable thing 
happened, revival broke out. The church grew in such a fast and 
deep way that most of the inhabitants of this country have been 
saved.  I am woken every morning at 5:00am to morning prayers 
and worship, and across this hilly land churches are packed until 
there is standing room only.  

So, as an encouragement to the rest of the world, I believe this 
word is true [about a great time of "Shaking" - ed.] and when it 
happens, move with boldness and freedom calling the people back 
to the Lord (especially the church) because I too have been hearing 
that this is the heart of God for our time.

May true revival break out in Japan.  

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