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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 16:37:33 +1100
-by Kevin Kleint.

... After I worked at Elijah List for a few months, I attended my first
Elijah List prophetic conference at the Vineyard. I know that Bob
Jones, Larry Randolph and a guy named Ed Traut (later removed
from Elijah List’s links page for some unnamed “indiscretion”) were
some of the speakers (there were a few more, but they don’t come
to mind). During the conference, the extravagant worship and
manifestations were in “full effect”. People were moving, twitching
and making various noises in every corner of the building. Although
I thought it strange that the worship was way more extreme than
your typical Sunday morning at the Vineyard, I didn’t raise the
question because I didn’t feel qualified to ask (in my mind, I was
just a web guy, not a prophet or one with authority). After spending
a few years going to this church and attending these conferences,
I noticed a pattern emerge, where the worship would grow in
intensity and volume during a conference where a “big name”
prophet headlined, and then died down again once the conference
is over.

I was really amazed at how idolized these “prophets” were in the
eyes of the conference go-ers. They sat, literally, wide-eyed
drinking in every word like it was the Absolute Truth. Even people
who worked for the Elijah List were treated with some degree of
idolatry. People came up to us and shook our hand saying things
like, “Oh you’re so lucky to be able to work in that anointed
atmosphere all the time!” They would hang out and ask us questions
incessantly and make it really difficult to work (although the
appreciation did give us a boost).

I even had some guy come up to me and ask me to lay hands on
him and impart a “webmaster anointing”, so that he could do what
I did (which wasn’t much talent-wise). I told him that it wasn’t an
anointing, but that he should just study books and learn the code.
But he was insistent, so not wanting to upset him, I laid hands on
him and said a short, polite prayer. From his reaction, you would
think that I had shocked him with a cattle prod! He did a few
twitches and hit the floor. I walked off laughing, kind of embarrassed
by the whole spectacle...

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