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THE CALVARY ROAD - A Classic Insight
-by Roy Hession.

In April, 1947, several missionaries came at my invitation to an 
Easter Conference which I was organising. I invited them to come 
as speakers, because I had heard that they had been experiencing 
Revival in their field for a number of years, and I was interested in 
Revival. What they had to say was very different from much of what 
I had associated with Revival. It was very simple and very quiet. 

As they unfolded their message and gave their testimonies, I 
discovered that I was the neediest person in the conference and 
was far more in need of being revived than I had ever realised. 
That discovery, however, only came slowly to me. Being myself 
one of the speakers, I suppose I was more concerned about 
others' needs than my own. As my wife and others humbled 
themselves before God and experienced the cleansing of the 
precious Blood of Jesus, I found myself left somewhat high and 
dry--dry just because I was high. I was stumbled by the simplicity 
of the message, or rather the simplicity of what I had to do to be
revived and filled with the Spirit. 

When others at the end of the conference testified of how Jesus 
had broken them at His Cross and filled their hearts to overflowing 
with His Holy Spirit, I had no such testimony. It was only afterwards  
that I was enabled to give up trying to fit things into my doctrinal
scheme, and come humbly to the Cross for cleansing from my own 
personal sins. It was like beginning my Christian life all over again. 
My flesh "came again like that of a little child," as did Naaman's 
when he was willing to humble himself and dip himself in Jordan. 
And it has been an altogether new chapter in life since then.

-Excerpt from Roy Hession's classic book 'The Calvary Road'.