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Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 02:13:43 +1200
-by Frank 'Appolus'.

The construction of Hadrian's wall began in AD 122. It was 80 miles 
long and between sixteen and twenty three feet tall. At the base 
it was roughly ten feet wide and an average width at the top of eight 
feet. It took thirty thousand men almost a decade to complete. If 
the wall were built today, the cost of such a structure would certainly 
be in the billions. 

Now the question has to be asked, why build such a structure? 
No one really knows the true answer to that question, but we 
certainly know that it marked the boundary of Roman territory. 
And therein lies the problem for Rome. Rome had been an 
aggressive, expansionist empire. In days and times before Hadrian, 
a rebellious Scottish people would have been engaged and either 
swallowed up into the Roman empire, or wiped off the face of the 
map. A fundamental shift had taken place in the Roman psyche.
Hadrian's wall can easily be seen as a landmark that marked the 
beginning of the end of the Roman empire. When Rome ceased 
expanding and began using massive resources to control and 
maintain what it had, Rome ceased to be Rome.

Can we see evidence of a Hadrian's wall in American society today? 
When the space shuttle program was shut down, was that part of 
the foundations of our own Hadrian's wall? "This far and no further?" 
Imagine what the American people of the  fifties and sixties would 
think if they knew that the only way Americans could get to a 
space station they had helped build was to thumb a ride on a
Russian rocket? Would they not be horrified? What about our 
aging and crumbling infra-structure? Is that the mark of a mighty 
empire on the rise?...  Where are the American leaders today? 
They are busy erecting a wall, stone by stone that says "this far 
and no further." And as the wall gets higher and higher, it begins 
to blot out the horizon...

As Christians , we can see the exact same thing happening to 
Christendom. Where are the Christian leaders? Is the policy of 
building walls and containments at work in Christendom? Are huge 
resources expended to build structures of containment? Are we 
seeing Christendom shrink as a result of our luke-warmness? The 
simple fact is that one either takes the fight to the enemy or one 
erects barriers to hide behind. Is the seeker friendly church the 
foundation of our own Hadrian's wall? Is our political correctness 
the first course of stonework in a wall that says " This far and no 
further"? These are important questions to ask ourselves. 

If God is in the business of raising up and tearing down kingdoms
and empires, where are we in that process right now? Does God 
look for a people that says "This far and no further?" Is He not 
looking for a people that will venture out beyond the walls and 
constructs of men?..

God's work lies beyond the walls of humanism. To follow Him and 
Him alone is to put yourself beyond the constrains of men's wisdom, 
to blindly follow where He leads, a place without maps. Yes, it can 
be a barbarous world, but He is God of all the world and it will never 
be tamed by erecting walls and hiding behind them.

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