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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 23:22:53 +1200
-by Andrew Strom.

Five years ago we began prophesying "another Great Depression"
and in 2007 even put a timeframe on the start of it. A lot of these
predictions have come true, but there was one major one that
needed "time" before we could tell one way or the other. This was
the prediction that it would be a "Double Dip Depression" - that
there would be a partial recovery - then a 'second wave down' in
this crisis. (The 'spiritual' implications of this are discussed below).

Yesterday the US stockmarket fell 513 points, which is a very
serious fall - the worst since the collapse of 2008. But this does
not come out of nowhere. For several months now, the data has
begun to point downwards all over the world. As we know, Europe
was in deep trouble already - especially Italy, Spain, Portugal and
Greece. The Italy/ Spain situation is particularly serious, and
could even take down the Eurozone - it is that bad.

But even the UK is flirting with Recession - as are Australia, Japan
and many other major nations - including the USA. Already Housing
in the US has gone into a "Double Dip" and economists have been
getting more and more concerned that the whole economy is about
to follow it down. The 'Double Dip' talk is suddenly everywhere.

A Gallup poll in April found that 29% of those queried thought the
US economy was in a “depression” and 26% said that the original
recession had persisted into 2011. By July, a different polling group
found that roughly 63% of Americans believed that the US economy
had slipped into a "double-dip" recession. So clearly, people are
feeling it at ground level. Unemployment is still high, housing is
tanking - and virtually every economic indicator is pointing down.


I have stated before that I believe the West - particularly America -
is going through a great "purging". This still has YEARS to run yet,
I believe. And I see it as one of the main things that must happen
for Revival to be possible. There must be a "purging" first.

And along with this "seven years of famine" so-to-speak, I believe
there is also a SPIRITUAL dearth that is occurring - a famine of the
"hearing of the word of the Lord." It is very significant to me that
David Wilkerson died this year. And thus America has lost one of
her only "watchmen" of any note. It is going to get harder and harder
to find the true "word of the Lord". Thus I believe there is a spiritual
"famine" underway in the West - that will last about the same length
of time as the 'physical' crisis. But our big hope is that at the end
of this period, these nations (particularly America) will be ready
for a true move of the Holy Spirit of God.

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God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.