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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 15:10:11 -0500
Is the "CHURCH SYSTEM" Killing People?
-by Andrew Strom.

If you have been on this List for awhile or have read my 
book "The OUT-OF-CHURCH Christians", then you will 
know the 'fine line' I have been walking for a number of years.

From 1986 to 1993 I was immersed in the "Out-of-church" 
scene. But since then I have tried to find a 'middle ground' 
and I have always avoided blanket condemnation of the 
"system". But lately I have been taking a long, hard look 
at the state of the church and how bad things really are. 
And I have come to the conclusion that one of the primary 
statements of the "Out-of-church" camp is absolutely 
correct:-  The church system really is killing people. It is 
the "system" itself that is doing this. It is set up in such 
a way that it is actually PREVENTING millions of people 
from coming into the kingdom. And thus it is sending MILLIONS to hell.

That is a pretty huge statement. But it is the conclusion
I had to reach. There are 100 million people attending 
'church' every week in America. But how many of them 
are actually walking in the kingdom? How many Baptists?
How many Catholics? How many Pentecostals or
Methodists, etc? How many are actually walking in true 
salvation? Or how many are headed for HELL because 
they are locked in a system in which they are never told the truth?

The religious system is imprisoning and destroying millions 
of people. -It is as clear as day to me.

And so I put out my first article on the "Nine Lies of
Today's church". But to be honest, I get little joy out of 
the "war" that I am bringing down upon my head. For I 
have just shifted my whole family to America and one of 
the major things I came to this country for was to preach 
'deep Repentance' and Revival in the CHURCHES. And 
that is what I have been doing. I preach in churches all 
the time. And people have indeed been repenting. But 
who will want me now? I knew that publishing that article 
would make me a "pariah", and it probably has.

If I get the chance, I will continue to preach 'deep 
Repentance' in the churches. But it is very clear to me 
that we need far more than just repentance. What we 

The fact is, even if people truly repent for now, most 
Christians today are locked in a system that will NEVER 
allow them to come into full New Testament Christianity. 
Far from it. They are in a system that simply DOESN'T ALLOW IT. 

Nothing they are ever told will bring them there. Most of 
them do not even have the BASIC GOSPEL preached 
to them any more. If the original apostles heard what 
passes for the "gospel" today they would be horrified. 
I am convinced that there are millions upon millions of 
totally UNSAVED people sitting in our churches every 
week. And most of them are beyond our reach. They are 
locked away in systems in which they will NEVER hear the truth. 

The Pentecostal/ Charismatic system is pretty much as 
bad as the others. In some areas it is worse. Multitudes
of people are being told they are "OK" when clearly they
are not. They are being fed candy-coated half-truths. Very 
few are truly right with God or have a deep walk with Him
at all. Are they truly "saved"?

And so it became obvious to me that nothing lasting could 
be achieved unless we can get people OUT of this 'system' 
of deception.

We need to wage a "war" on their behalf. Not a war
against people, but a war against the 'lies' that imprison 
them. "We do not war against flesh and blood". So it is 
not 'people' that we are fighting. It is the lies and deceptions 
that need to be brought down. The Truth will set them free.

And it is not just "getting people out" that is the end goal. 
It is seeing people transformed by the Truth - to walk with
God in a deep way that today's system never brings. (-In 
fact, it prevents people from entering in).

We need to see people repent deeply from sin. We need 
to see the 'fear of the Lord'. We need to see good 
foundations laid in people's lives. And then we need to 
see liberty and a deep walk of communion and intimacy 
with God. We need to see full New Testament Christianity. 
"Romans 8" Christianity, where people walk before God 
with "no knowledge of present sin" - a totally clean 
conscience before Him. And when these people gather 
and fellowship it is truly the 'Body of Christ'.

Today's "system" is in the way of all of this. It is keeping
people sated with half-truths and a kind of "half-Christianity".
A "go to church on Sunday and you'll be alright" mentality.
It really has to go.

And so it is time for war. It is time to contend for these 
people with every ounce of Truth that we possess. It is 
time to smash down the lies and bring God's people out 
into the light. The system is killing them. "Let my people go".

I spent many years trying to forge a 'middle ground' between 
the "In-church" and Out-of-church camps. But now I see 
clearly that the 'system' is God's enemy - keeping His
people in chains of half-truth and compromise. It is 2004.
The season has changed and it is time for battle.

I believe that "Councils of war" need to be held. I believe
that the people with the Truth need to raise the trumpet
to their mouth and sound a clear clarion call. A great
"shaking" is underway. It has already begun. I believe 
the 'Out-of-church' movement that has been taking place 
is the beginning of the "Great Reformation" that God has 
promised. But what does He now require of us? How
are the captives to be set free?

If God has been talking to you about the direction that
things need to head, then we would love to hear from
you. Our email here is - prophetic@... 

One thing we have been looking at is holding some 
kind of large "gathering" over Independence Weekend. 
(3-4 July).

Any of your thoughts are welcome, my friends.

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.