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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 00:27:04 +1200

“Why do so many marriages turn out ill? Is it not often because
each seeks rather to get than to give, to be ministered to rather
than to minister?” ~ F. B. Meyer

“God never can use any man very much till he has grace enough
to forget himself entirely while doing God’s work; for He will not
give His glory to another nor share with the most valued instrument
the praise that belongs to Jesus Christ alone.” ~ A. B. Simpson

“The greatest miracle Almightily God can do is to take an unholy
man out of an unholy world, make that unholy man holy, put him
back in an unholy world and keep him holy! It takes all the power
of the Atonement to do that, plus the indwelling of the Spirit of
God and all the promises of God.” ~ Leonard Ravenhill

“Great sermons lead the people to praise the preacher. Good
preaching leads the people to praise the Saviour.” ~ Charles Finney

“I believe that God has given to Christian men the responsibility of
fighting for and protecting the doctrine of the Church, and it is a
tragedy that we don’t have more strong men of conviction who will
fight to protect the Gospel.” - David Pawson

"They have sold the truth for popularity!" - Derek Prince

-Mostly sourced from the website below-