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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:44:04 +1300
NOTE: A great word from the founder of the 'Barnabus Bulletin'
ministry on the internet.

-by Rodney Francis.

As we enter our 12th year of "Barnabas Bulletin", I would like to 
focus on the purpose as to why this BB Ministry was started. It 
came as a result of my ministering in Asia amongst a group of 
discouraged ministers and missionaries from eight different 
countries. That experience gave me a burden for Christian Leaders, 
as I have observed over the years how many get discouraged in 
their calling. The burden did not leave me, and then God spoke to
me in England, told me to encourage them, and gave me the name 
"Barnabas Bulletin". 

The name "Barnabas" means "son of prophecy; son of consolation." 
"Consolation" means "a person or thing that is a source of comfort 
in a time of suffering, grief, disappointment, etc." (Collins Dictionary). 

The Bible describes him as: ". . .they sent out Barnabas to go as 
far as to Antioch. When he came and had seen the grace of God, 
he was glad, and encouraged them all that with purpose of heart 
they should continue with the Lord. For he was a good man, full of 
the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added 
to the Lord" (Acts 11:22-24). Barnabas was an encourager. He 
saw the good and the potential in others and encouraged them 
accordingly. The ministry of encouragement is one that every 
Christian can function in. Everywhere one looks today people need 
encouraging. You need encouraging ~ and I need encouraging! 
The word "encourage" means "1. to inspire (someone) with the 
courage or confidence (to do something). 2. to stimulate (something 
or someone to do something) by approval or help; support" (Collins).


Tragically it seems that few Christians consciously go out of their 
way to encourage others. Why not? Is it because we are looking 
for it from others, but don't realize that we can make the first move 
and encourage others? Ask yourself, "When was the last time you 
audibly encouraged someone else?" (When was the last time 
someone audibly encouraged you?). It certainly does not happen 
enough. What a difference it makes when someone comes 
alongside and tells you they believe in you, in your calling, and that 
God is pleased with you? There is power in your tongue and words 
when you speak out positive encouragement to others!

I have been in Christian Ministry for over 50 years. In that time I 
have seen scores of men and women rise up with a great call of 
God on their lives and they begin to do exploits for Jesus. But after 
a time they "disappear" and are never heard of again. What 
happened? Discouragement got to them and caused them to doubt 
the call of God. The resulting decisions made in those times of 
discouragement brought about things that "robbed" them of the call 
of God on their lives. If only there were those who could discern 
what was happening and could have gotten alongside of them with 
words of encouragement, then God's called men and women 
would not have "fallen by the wayside" in to a normal, but 
unfulfilling life-style. I say this because there is nothing more 
wonderful than to know the call and will of God ~ and to be walking in it.

May we all make a conscious effort to be more aware of the 
importance of the ministry of encouragement. Yes, encouraging 
others is an important and vital ministry ~ much more than we 
realize! As the world continues to reject the risen Christ Jesus and 
spirals on it downwards path, Christians everywhere will need to be 
more and more encouraged to "stand firm in the faith" and not to be
side-tracked by the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil 
(1 John 2:15-17). Make no mistake about it: we are in a war, and 
the battle is raging! That means the ministry of encouragement is 
urgently needed to be spoken out to others. It needs an audible 
voice. It needs more than a silent prayer! It needs you and me to 
be aware of situations that people are in, and to come alongside
and speak out the words of encouragement they need to hear! You 
can do that! I can do that!

Be encouraged to look for opportunities ~ more opportunities ~ to 
encourage others in these days. Your encouragement is 
desperately needed! Your encouragement may be a matter of life 
or death for some! You will be amazed at what your words of 
encouragement to others will accomplish. So don't hold back. As 
you encourage others, you will also be encouraged yourself! Right 
now you and I do not know whether our next word of 
encouragement for someone may prove to be a divine encounter 
that will change the rest of their lives for God and for good! Do not 
hold back! 

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