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Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 02:13:06 +1300
-by David Wilkerson.

Nobody had ever seen as many supernatural works as Israel. God
provided miracle after miracle for them—and yet each work left the
people as faithless and unbelieving as before! You would think that
the ten plagues on Egypt would have produced faith in the Israelites.
When Egypt was afflicted with flies, none were found in Israel's
camp. When Egypt fell under total darkness, there was no darkness
in Israel. Yet none of these plagues produced faith of any kind!

Even after God opened the Red Sea, Israel's faith lasted only three
days. Scripture says: “They did not remember the multitude of
Your mercies, but rebelled by the sea—the Red Sea" (Psalm 106:7).

The psalmist is saying here: "They even doubted God at the Red
Sea—the place where He performed His greatest miracle!"

We are so like Israel. We want God to speak a word, grant us a
miraculous deliverance, quickly meet our needs, remove all our
pain and suffering. In fact, you may be saying right now, "If God
would just get me out of this mess—if He'd give me this one
miracle—I would never doubt Him again!" Yet, what about all the
miracles He has performed for you? They haven't produced in you
any faith to help you in your present trouble!

Two precious men of God from the Zulu tribe in Africa visited Times
Square Church. An incredible revival was taking place among the
eight million Zulus, and God was doing miraculous things among them.

Yet that is not what these men wanted to talk about. Rather, what
impressed them most about the revival were the "overcomer Zulus"—
those who stood for Christ, burning witchcraft books and witnessing
boldly, even though they were being tested and tried severely.
These people were once evil, with murderous spirits, and they were
being transformed into the image of Jesus!

I believe the greatest sign or wonder to the world in these last days
is not a person who has been raised from the dead. No, what truly
makes an impact on the mind and spirit of the ungodly is the
Christian who endures all trials, storms, pain and suffering with a
confident faith. Such a believer emerges from his troubles stronger
in character, stronger in faith, stronger in Christ.

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