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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 13:12:23 -0500
WHERE is all this HEADING??
-by Andrew Strom.

People may well be wondering where all this discussion 
of the "9 Lies of Today's Church" is heading. Am I going
to conclude by saying something like "Come out of her, 
my people" and leave it at that? Where is this whole 
discussion taking us?  

We are obviously rejecting many aspects of today's church 
system, but what is the solution? Is there something
practical - a real answer at the end of all this?

I have been wrestling with all these same questions
myself. In a lot of ways I have been wrestling with them
for years. What are we actually going to DO about it all?

The only thing that makes any sense to me, after months 
and years of pondering this before the Lord, is the concept
of an "OUTDOOR CHURCH". A new movement. Something

I am very aware that people get terribly suspicious when 
anyone starts talking about "movements" and so on. They
always think the worst - that we are talking about a new
"denomination" or something. But a 'movement' does not
have to be like that at all. The Great Reformation was a
'movement'. It crossed all boundaries. So did the 'Jesus 
Movement' and others. A movement does not have to be 
like a 'denomination'.

I have quite a few extreme 'Out-of-church' friends who insist 
that the real answer is simply to "come out of the system" 
and be alone with Jesus. -All by ourselves. To some people 
this has a lot of appeal. But not to me. I already spent seven 
years (ending in 1993) in the most crushing 'wilderness' 
experience - out there alone. It is not a place I believe God 
is calling the whole church into. 

I have watched quite a number of extreme 'Out-of-church'
people now for almost 20 years. They are out there by 
themselves and they advise others to do the same. But
I look at the "fruit" and I can't say I've seen any sign of
them being closer to the 'Book of Acts'. They may have 
a close relationship with God, but it seems a very lonely 
one to me. They do not really believe in the concept
of "body" or 'leaders'. And so they rarely 'gather' or
accomplish much at all. I have observed this pattern for 
years and years, and I have to say that it does not
seem like much of an "answer" to me.

So what do I mean by an "Outdoor church"? As I said,
this is the only solution that makes any sense to me.
All I can think of is a movement that holds meetings 
outdoors and in homes - that stands for TRUTH and 
REVIVAL.That openly exposes the lies and distortions 
of the current system but does not have this as it's main
message. Rather, it's main message is a call to 'deep
Repentance', true Salvation, personal Revival and 
deep communion with God. In other words, this is a 
'REVIVAL' movement that aims at people's hearts.

If we do not have the spirit of repentance and a Revival
anointing, then I believe we have no business beginning
any such "movement". We cannot have a 'new wineskin'
without the NEW WINE. That would never work.

So to me, the most important aspect is the anointing
of the Holy Spirit and this message of repentance and
Revival. After that comes the exposing of the "lies"
of today's system. (-This is important also). All of these
things need to be put forth by a group that is actually 
LIVING what it talks about.

Cynics will say that we will just end up repeating all the 
errors of the current 'system'. -That proud men will come 
in and ruin the whole thing. But I do not believe this has 
to be the case. Are we going to just sit back and criticize 
all our lives? Are we just to do NOTHING then? -Simply 
sit back and let the whole thing get worse and worse 
while we hide away? -Leave many unsaved people mired 
in 'Religion' while we simply talk amongst ourselves?

Away with such attitudes. Cynicism kills. Inaction kills. 
If we have a spirit of Revival then we need to ACT. 

I am quite serious about this. We need a complete
"alternative" to the current system. Something that stands
for truths that are so revolutionary that it is hard to fall back 
into the same routines and traps. Based on deep "HEART" 
preaching. I truly believe this is possible. A very real, 
tangible movement. Very "loud" and public. Calling the 
church to repentance.

But what do you think?  I feel this is probably the most 
important thing that we can discuss relating to the "9 Lies". 
Should we be heading towards something like this? What 
are your thoughts?

Even if you just hit "Reply" and write a few words - either
for or against this concept of a "movement" - that would
help me to know if this is something that we should be
exploring. I would love to hear from as many of you as
possible on this. 
Our email address is-  prophetic@...

God bless you all!

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.