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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 00:16:36 +1200
NOTE:  Of course there is much comment starting to arise in Christian
circles about the upcoming US election. It very much looks like it
will be down to electing either a devout Mormon or Obama as president.
We would be interested in hearing your comments. But first, some
controversial points to ponder from two of our readers related to this:-

-Frank 'Appolus'.

It will be interesting to see how the Evangelical community responds
to Governor Romney. The vast majority of Evangelicals consider
Mormonism to be a cult and heretical... Will they vote for, not only
a cult member, but one of high standing within the cult? It seems
clear to me that God is creating a set of circumstances to expose
what truly lies in the hearts of those who call themselves Christians.
For decades now the notion has been put forward, as a reason for
being involved in politics, that we need more Christian men on Capitol
Hill, we need a Christian man in the White-House. Nowhere was this
more clearly seen and heard than when President Bush was running
and re-running for office. Now, where will all those arguments go?
Will we be deafened by the silence of those whose true loyalty may
lie in other places rather than in the Lord? Will we hear perhaps
that "Mormonism is not really that bad, it may not even be a cult
(shush, no using the "cult" word for the next 6 months, it will make
people very uncomfortable)....

-by 'Davo'. (USA).

There is a recent history lesson in all this. I am old enough to recall
the inception of the "Moral Majority" in the late 70´s and the rise of
the religious right.

The religious right and it´s rise, as I recall, was focused on the issue
of abortion. President Jimmy Carter professed to be a Christian and
claimed a personal objection to abortion but was determined to
uphold Roe v Wade as the law of the land. The opposition to abortion
and Jimmy Carter by association and the  dreaded Equal Rights
Amendment were the two prominent issues that I remember that
helped advance the so-called "Moral Majority" of that time. Ronald
Reagan became the darling of the moral majority crowd and then
there was the idea for a National Prayer Amendment to allow prayer
back into schools which became another hook for getting more
and more Christians on board to getting Reagan elected.

Well, the prayer amendment initially flopped and to pursue it was
too costly from a political standpoint for Reagen so it was dropped.
The appointment of supreme court justices by both Reagan and
Bush Sr., who weren´t as conservative as promised, derailed the
overturning of the abortion ruling. They did stop the ERA, barely.
I forget the dreadful evil that this amendment was supposed to
have caused.

With all the religious political bluster that began in those days what
has actually been accomplished in relation to it´s initial goals and
all the promised expectations? Have they stopped abortion? No.
Did they get prayer back in schools? No. Have they thwarted the
homosexual agenda? No. What about evolution being taught in
schools? Did they keep the ten commandments in school? Are
they stopping the assault on marriage and family today?

If God is with us why can´t we win these battles? If this is God
and His leading, why has there been no fruit? Why all the failure?

As I look at things today in this country I have concluded that it
hasn´t made anything better but has likely made it worse. It has
prejudiced many, many people against the gospel. Christianity has
been reduced in many people´s minds as to fighting for religious
control of this world as opposed to fighting for the  eternal souls
of those who are lost and dying in this world. You end up
fighting the ones you are supposedly trying to reach.

The simplicity and purity of devotion to Jesus Christ which consists
of following Him and keeping His word which He tells us over and
over is the way and practice of true faith. Jesus Christ came into
the world to save sinners, He didn´t come into the world to fix the
world and set public policy. It´s actually a form of worldliness.

It´s a deception and a delusion and completely unwarranted by
Scripture. Imagine that, religious leaders deceiving their followers
and leading them astray. There´s a biblical theme for you. It is a
false agenda that thwarts the true gospel and it´s purpose. It uses
carnal weapons to fight a futile battle against spiritual enemies.
Some people are waking up to that fact.

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