[anzac] THE BISHOP was SHOCKED - Comments?

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 00:17:29 +1200
NOTE:  The points that are raised by the story below may seem
exaggerated or humorous. But I believe these words that shocked
the bishop need close consideration by every Christian alive today.
Just how much are our "walls" and our unbiblical systems and
methods keeping us from real "Bible" Christianity? We would
appreciate your comments on Martin's story below, my friends.

-by Martin.

Ours is a complacent, comfortable fellowship. Isn´t it?

Reform? To what? Into what? The same as before? No, we´ve been
through that and lost sight of the original model and, for the greater
part, shut our doors to the Holy Spirit. Evidence? Look around you,
do you see a reviled, persecuted community, on fire with the Spirit
of God, in love with Jesus showing love for one another, giving freely
and living in that place which is the worship of God? Do you see a
called out people willing and ready to die for Jesus?

Twenty years ago I was a postman in the north of England, walking
past one of our oldest and grandest cathedrals - they called it a
minster. The sun has just risen and it was delightful to be outside.
An elegant tall runner in shorts and tee shirt stopped, smiled
benevolently and asked, 'Young man (lovely, I was not young but
enjoyed the compliment), how would you say we should improve
the church?'

I answered, 'Raze it to the ground, sell off the land for housing for
the poor, meet on the town market place in rain or shine, be seen,
be heard, and pray fervently the Lord Jesus honours your doings.'

A few days later a close friend, a canon in that cathedral said to
me, 'Someone´s really upset the Bishop. Told him to destroy the
building and sell the land and meet on the market place. Wouldn´t
be you by any chance, would it?'

ANDREW's COMMENT:  Now, we don't just want a big "church
bashing" session here. Though the story is rather "blunt" and
comes with a big dose of humour, I believe these "words that
shocked the bishop" could do with some serious thought and
serious comment. If you have something to say, please post
your responses at our website below-


God bless you all.