[anzac] TITHING and the SOLO PARENT

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 00:28:23 -0500
Date sent:      	Thu, 13 May 2004 10:37:06 +1200
From:           	"C. H."  <email withheld>

Its no joke being told to tithe on a benefit raising 3 children 
with no support from your ex-husband and little support from 
my family (my mother is a widow).  Yet every church I went 
to laid this impossible burden on me except the Anglican 
church..  But the guilt and condemnation laid upon me by 
the previous churches led me to falsely believe the reason 
why I was always so poor was because I wasn't tithing 10% 
and that I had robbed God by my previous disobedience and 
that I needed to make it up.  

All the testimonies of miraculous provision and my lack of 
them always kept me bound into believing that  1) It was 
my lack of faith,  2) I wasn't being obedient to the law of 
tithing,  3) I was under a curse.  Try telling your hungry 
children why the church was getting our money and they 
were always going without.  This went on for years.  It wasn't 
until I stopped going to church over a year ago that I prayed 
and asked God to show me where to give and how much 
and he showed me Tear Fund Microenterprise Trust which
lends money to poor people (usually widows) to get them 
started into business, etc, and they pay it back and 
someone else borrows it.  And its not 10% I give but I can 
give freely and cheerfully to those who really need it.  I feel 
the tithe I gave was a curse indeed - but to me for being 
under the Law.. It never really produced fruit except
occasionally the church would pay for my children to attend 
a camp.  The provision I have needed over the years for my 
children was poured into church salaries and buildings and 
while they all lived in comfort we went without.  

10% isn't much when you earn $1000 a week but it is the
difference between buying food or paying a bill when you 
get $450 to feed, house and clothe 4 people. 

Occasionally some kind folk would secretly slip me some 
money, but generally I was treated like an inferior (it was 
obvious God wasn't blessing me their way so I must be at 
fault). This caused me to feel such shame that I stopped 
mentioning my financial needs. I just got into debt on a 
credit card as this was the only way to make up for all the 
shortfall of my pay.  This whole matter stinks if you ask 
me.  Often I felt like asking the church leaders if they would 
like to 'live in faith' weekly for their provision for their 
churches like I had to for my family.