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Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 02:40:26 +1200

"Is this really the church of Christ, or are we just calling it the
church because of our traditions and history?"
-K.P. Yohannan

"When a preacher is called from God, his sermon will be like a baptism
of truth." - Unknown.

"The kingdom of God is not going to advance by our churches becoming
filled with men, but my men in our churches becoming filled with God."
-Howard Spring

"We made a deal - we preached and they beat us.
We were happy preaching and they were happy beating us,
so everyone was happy."
-Richard Wumbrand

"There is no rowing to paradise except upon the stream of repenting
tears. Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet."
-Thomas Watson

"Only when we are captured by an overwhelming sense of awe and
reverence in the presence of God, will we begin to worship God in
spirit and in truth."
-Alistair Begg

"When alone with God, be alone with Him."
-Samuel Chadwick

"If you're going to make a difference, number one you're going to
scare people. Number two you're going to draw a crowd."
-David Yarbrough