[anzac] A "PROTEST" MOVEMENT? - Andrew Strom.

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Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 00:49:15 -0500
A "PROTEST" Movement?
-by Andrew Strom.

The term "Protest Movement" has been coming to my mind
again and again lately, as I have been pondering what I feel
God is about to do.

It is interesting to note that during the Great Reformation,
those who sided with the new move of God became known 
as "Protestants". -Which was appropriate, because what 
Luther nailed onto the door in Wittemburg was essentially 
"95 Protests" at the state of the church and the things it 
was promoting. There was even a money-making scheme 
sponsored by the Pope in his day where people could "buy 
their relatives out of purgatory" by giving large sums of 
money. This was the thing that finally tipped Martin Luther 
over the edge. It made him sick to his stomach. And so 
the 'protest' began.

Years ago a friend of mine told me about a dream or vision 
he'd had that he felt was related to the coming move of God. 
In it he saw a group of "protestors" with placards and signs, 
marching around shouting slogans, etc. He suddenly 
realised that these people were protesting the STATE OF 
THE CHURCH. And it was not like these were "rebels" or 
anything. These were servants of God and this was 
something that God was behind. They were loudly 
"PROTESTING" the state of the church - for all to hear. It 
was quite remarkable. 

'Protesting' has become an art-form over the last century
or so. Various groups have used it to make the public take
notice of issues and to bring large-scale CHANGE. The 
Black Civil Rights movement in America was one example 
of a very successful Protest movement. The anti-Vietnam 
War protests also met with considerable success. And 
even recently, environmental groups like Greenpeace have 
used it to stop Nuclear Testing and so-on. While we may 
not agree fully with everything these groups represent, we 
can at least admit that they have been very effective in what 
they have set out to do.

I am convinced that there is a new 'Prophetic' arising that
has this air of "PROTEST" about it. This movement will
be loud and direct and VERY PUBLIC. It will have a cause
to fight for and it will make a "LOUD NOISE" about it. It's 
cause will be to see the church of the Living God become 
what she is meant to be, instead of this sickly thing that 
she has been. -To decry the compromise and corruption 
we see on every hand. "Let my people go."

For I believe that God Himself "PROTESTS" the state of 
today's church. He cannot stand to have her in the condition
she is in. For our God cannot live with a lukewarm church.

Even a lot of people in the prophetic movement do not seem
to realize what I believe is clearly the prophet's role in seeing
"Great Reformation" begin. Here is what I clearly understand
from God:-  The great "SHAKING" of the church will come
when the true prophets arise and SPEAK THE WORD OF
THE LORD. It is critically important that they open their
mouths and SPEAK a piercing word - the full 100% word of 
the Lord, holding nothing back. It is this act in itself that I 
believe will begin the tremendous "SHAKING" that has been 
prophesied. Let the Elijahs of God arise. Let the repentance 
prophets come forth. Let the "protest movement" begin.

Who Will Decry the SICKNESS?

I read a well-researched article recently about the number
of private JET-PLANES that many of the top preachers and
ministries in America own. Some of them cost $3500 per
day just to maintain. And they cost millions of dollars to
buy in the first place. Many of these people live in lavish
luxury - paid for by offerings (often sent in by sick people
and widows who watch their TV shows).

Now, all the time we are told "not to judge" these ministries.
'Touch not God's anointed,' they say. And most of us do
as we are told. We sit silently and allow it all to happen
because it would be "judgemental" and 'unloving' for us to
speak up about it. BUT WHAT ABOUT GOD?? What about 
the fact that God is mocked and publicly put to scorn by
these preachers' lifestyles? What about the fact that it
sets a TERRIBLE EXAMPLE for the whole church? 

I believe the time has come to "PROTEST" - loud and long.
This "leaven" is leavening the whole lump. It is infecting
everything. I do not believe any of the leaders in the New 
Testament would allow such things to go unchallenged. 
They would speak up - even at the cost of their lives and 
ministries. And we have to be the same. It is time for this
"PROTEST" to begin - I am convinced of it. We cannot 
allow these people to dishonor God in such a blatant way. 
It is sick, and it is affecting us all, whether we like it or not.

Let the voice of the prophets arise in PROTEST. Let the 
thunderings of God be heard. He is coming to "clean house". 
Let all that is counterfeit tremble. It is 2004 and the prophets
of God are about to arise. -It has to happen.

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.