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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 01:05:26 -0500
From:           	"Stricker" <stricker@...>
Date sent:      	Tue, 18 May 2004 17:34:55 -0500

Where is it all heading? Got me! We're an "outside" church and have been for
a while. Small groups meet in restaurants, homes, parks. These are not
static groups with assigned memberships. The people who attend shift from
group to group according to their schedules, interests, and whatever the
Lord may be saying to them. And yet there is a cohesiveness to it all.

Larger groups get together once a week in offices. Some of the people who
are a part of what we are doing also attend organized churches in the area.
Some of us attend a Friday night meeting that is the coming together of five
different churches to wait on the Lord. No agenda.

It is not unusual for people to surrender to the Lord in restaurants or at
parks. It has been exciting to watch the young adults who lead these folks
to the Lord respond -- without instruction -- to an inner witness that they
are responsible for discipling these new believers.

All these things are happening and we are very excited about it. On the
other hand, I don't want to mislead anyone by making it sound as though this
were some massive movement. It isn't. But it's growing. As to where it's
going, all I can tell you is we're not "there" yet, and God hasn't give us a
three-point outline or a map. Just His presence to give light on the path.

There's a strong emphasis on holiness. There's also a strong emphasis on
co-laboring, that term being used more often than unity as all too often
folks think of unity as being a static fuzziness rather than an aggressive
team effort to accomplish something specific.