[anzac] NEW BOOK- "SINNER's PRAYER- FACT or FICTION?"- Andrew Strom

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 01:10:37 +1200

GET IT for *ANY* DONATI0N - Even Just Postage Money.

I believe this may be one of the most vital topics that we can
address in the Body of Christ today. It will be very shocking to a 
lot of Christians. 


For more than 60 years the Christian church has gone around the 
world telling people to "pray this little prayer after me" or 'Give your
heart to the Lord' in order to be "saved" or converted. But would it 
surprise you to learn that such a thing is found NOWHERE in the 
entire Bible? 

Is there ever a time when an apostle or evangelist in the New
Testament leads someone in such a "salvation prayer" - or 
anything like it? No - never. We have records of literally 
THOUSANDS of people becoming converted in the Bible, yet 
NOT ONCE does anyone employ such a method. The "little 
prayer" simply does not exist.

So why are we going around the world getting people 'saved' in a 
way that is totally different from the Bible? And is such a "salvation"
really any salvation at all? What is the actual pattern of conversion 
that the apostles DID use? All these questions and more are 
answered in this new book by Andrew Strom. -Surely one of the 
most vital things we have ever put out. Please get a copy if you can.


As always, we are offering this book for *Any* Donat|on - even if
you can only just cover the postage costs. We do not want anyone
missing out on this book just because of lack of finances, so if
you can at least cover the postage, then we will gladly send it to
you. (Postage to the USA, Canada, UK, and the world is only
US $2.50 in American dollars. For Australia it is $2.05 and for
NZ it is $1.45).

But if you can afford to send an actual Donat|on, that would be 
a big help to us. Please pray about it, and send whatever God
leads you to send, my friends.


The first thing to do if you want this book is to REPLY TO THIS 
EMAIL so we know how many people want it.

And the second thing is to SEND the amount that you have decided.
Here are the best ways to send the money to us-

(1) PAYPAL - the easy and secure way to donate online. If you
want to use Paypal, please go to our webpage below to do this-


(2) BY MAIL. We can accept checks or cash from any Western
nation (including USA and UK) - but not Money Orders. If you 
would like to send cash or a check, here is our address to send 
it to-

Andrew Strom,
PO Box 228,
Marton 4741,
New Zealand.

(-Checks to simply be made out to- "Andrew Strom". And we will
get the book off to you ASAP).

I look forward to hearing back from you if you want this book, my
friends. (LIMIT - One per person - very sorry).

Thanks so much, and God bless you!

Andrew Strom.