[anzac] Disasters Caused by 'SEED-FAITH'

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From: "ANZAC Prophetic List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 14:20:52 -0500
NOTE:  A number of tragic emails are below:
From:           <tapes@...>
Date sent:      	Tue, 1 Jun 2004 10:57:48 +1200

Sometime during 2003 I received an email from a Nigerian 
Pastor, asking for prayer. He was at a loss as to what to 
tell his flock who were "exhorted" (that should be extorted) 
by a travelling American evangelist to give money to God 
(to him of course) and that God would return the amount 
100 fold. Of course all the flock were in that poor and needy 
bracket and they gave believing that God would meet their 
financial needs. Sick!

So the Evangelist departs with all the money and the poor 
Pastor is left to explain to God's people why God has not 
honoured their giving.  They gave their food money and rent 
money believing God would replace it - the result was 
hungry, homeless people, more misery created by man in 
God's name. My only advice was never never never never 
allow these guys anywhere near your people and to teach 
that our giving should not be to create a debt with God.
-Jeff Leigh.

From:           	unity77@...

I have a relative who was in dire financial need to help pay 
for a utility bill that was going to be shut off. She contacted 
TBN founders seeking for a small donation to help pay her 
utility bill, they told her that they do not help in this way. 
They would pray that she can get the financial help she 
needs She had sent in hundreds of dollars over the years
to support this TBN Station, but when it was time for her to 
get help which was less than $100.00 she needed, after 
this she has not sent anymore money to fund them.

She had sent hundreds of dollars to these preachers on 
TBN who preach 'If you send this amount of money to them, 
depending on the amount of money they sent they would
be blessed some 30, 60 or 100 fold. She sent money 
because she wanted to be blessed with money in return 
not to submit to the Lord in the spirit of love, and humility. 
She just wanted to get money back. And this is happening 
in the lives of so many saints of God. 

-Sister Cotia.

From:           <email withheld>

I want to say in response to this that my husband and I fell 
for this message...hook, line and sinker.  We are now in 
such a financial mess only God can rescue us!  We once 
gave $1000.00 for a TV minister's airplane that we really 
needed for our own bills.  We were told by him how
anointed he was and that we were guranteed the help we 
need if we help buy his airplane for ministry.  Well, needless 
to say no help came.  We have had more financial problems 
in the past four years because of our blindness... our 
willingness to accept this as the truth.  God woke us up a
year ago after falling on our faces and repenting.  We are 
still in a huge struggle and hope to not go bankrupt. We 
have credit card debt that is insurmountable.  

We are told by these men if it isn't working we are the ones 
at fault...we aren't giving enough...or we have sin in our lives....
"our cloud is not full enough" so we need to give more so 
that "once it is filled up it will rain". 

The Lord has kept us from drowning and like I said before 
our only hope is in Him. God help us and save us from this 
mess we ourselves have created.


From:           	Kgoldenk7@...

There are a couple more 'gimmicks' that TV preachers are 
using currently to get money out of their audiences. Usually 
you will see one start using a technique and then soon 
enough many others are getting on the 'bandwagon'.

When the Christian TV stations have 'telethons'' they will 
have guest preachers come on to help stir up the people to 
give. One such man of long Christian standing spoke of how 
much he had given God the previous year. On TV he went 
on to say how he was glad that he gave that much since 
his wife had gotten cancer that year and they had already
'sown' into the Kingdom of God (talking about money). 
Evidently God healed his wife 'because they had given 
MONEY'....He was VERY clear what he meant...If you have 
a physical need such as healing, give money and God will 
heal you....SICK! Where does Jesus say this? He gave 
command to the disciples: FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, 
Another fund raising tactic is this: If you will become a 
'partner' of the ministry, say for $20 a month, you will not 
only receive their 'trinket' gift, but you will also RECEIVE 
THE ANOINTING that is on that particular ministry....Well, 
no need to be in God's presence anymore for the anointing, 
just send in your monthly pledge and you will have it!
I for one will never again give to ministries that support the 
extravagant lifestyles of the jetsetters of the Christian faith, 
or to build bigger and lavish buildings, etc. My giving now 
goes to the poor in some manner, or when we hear of a 
need somewhere....
In the late '70's I had a dream which I have watched the 
'fulfillment of it' since then. The dream is this: " I was in a 
room as a spectator.. In the room was a girl which I knew 
to be about the age of puberty.. There was a door to the
room and a bed in the room. A knock came on the door 
and the girl opened the door willingly. A man stood there, 
dressed in the best tailored, expensive suit that one could 
buy.. He was SO physically attractive that I FELT the 
PULL from him, even tho neither the girl or he was aware of 
my presence. But when I looked in his face, altho there was 
'attractiveness', I felt also a great sense of evil coming from 
beneath the surface of his face...It was horribly frightening to 
the point that I couldn't breath, or move.....Just watch..... He 
came into the room and proceeded to 'rape' the girl on the 
bed.. I did not see the actual act, I only saw head and
shoulders in the prone position... While I watched the 
HORROR of it the girl's head turned toward me so slowly, 
and she looked me right in the eyes. Her eyes were SO 
SAD, I could see to the very depth of her...the pain and 
agony - I felt it too...Pleading for it to stop, yet submitting to 
it all the same... The man stood up and straightening his
tie, he became aware of me. He walked around the bed and 
put his hand on my back with pressure to press me down...
Then I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind, 
I said out of my mouth: "I have witnessed the rape of the church".

-Karen B.