[anzac] TESTIMONIES from PHONE PRAYER - Join Us Tonight!

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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 21:52:37 +1300
-Andrew Strom.

The prayer times have been wonderful as we join our hearts every
week on the Prayer Conference Call. It costs nothing. Please 
consider joining us, my friends. Below are several testimonies-

Mark & Dawn wrote-
"This is a wonderful blessing. Thank ya'll so much for making this available."

Logan [from the past] wrote-
"When people love and have a zeal for God. That was definitely 
present on the prayer line. It was truly awesome."

Lindie wrote-
"Phone Prayer was a huge blessing..."


We now hold this Prayer Call every week at the same time - 
including this week. Feel free to join us, my friends.

Whether you are from USA or UK, Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, or
other nations - you can join us on our free Prayer Conference 
Call every Fri night (USA time). We will be crying out to God for
Revival and mercy to flood down - even in the midst of the great 
Shaking that is already underway.

It is very easy to join in the Phone Prayer - from right around
the globe. (It costs nothing). If you are in the USA or Canada, 
you simply dial this number - 1-800-699-2855 and then enter the 
Passcode - "65257684" - and you are in. (Other nations - see
your number below)-

TIME:  It starts at the same time each Fri night - 9pm Eastern/ 
6pm Pacific Time (-USA and Canada). -Which is 2am in the UK,
and 3pm (Sat) NZ time and 1pm (Sat) Australian time, etc.

LANDLINES ONLY - No Cellphones Please

If you are in another country, you can work out the time, for we 
start at 2am GMT. Then find the phone number from the list below. 
Then when you dial up, enter the passcode - "65257684". And 
you will be in! 


USA  1-800-699-2855 
Canada  1-800-699-2855 
UK  0800-3762864 
Australia  1-800-187345 
New Zealand  0800 440528 
Israel  180 9216290
South Africa  0800 980454
Argentina  0800 6662385
Austria	0800 297588 
Belgium  800 73936 
China (North)  1080071401037
China (South)  108001401022
Czech Republic  800 142941 
Denmark  80887855 
Finland  0800-9-14496 
France  805114963 
Germany  0800-0005202 
Hong Kong  800-908835 
India  000-8001006455 
Ireland  1800932164 
Italy  800987293 
Japan  0066-33-801540 
Luxembourg  8002-5378 
Malaysia  1-800-812546 
Mexico  0018005132719 
Netherlands  08000225824 
Norway  800-12779 
Philippines  1-800-1-114-1729 
Poland  0-0-800-1212325 
Portugal  8008-15577 
Russia (Moscow)  8-10-8002-9063011 
Spain  800098869 
Sweden  0-200884527 
Switzerland  0-800001121 
Bulgaria  8001100118 
Brazil  0800 8914684 
Hungary  06800 13283 
South Korea  00308 131784 
Latvia  800 2522 
Singapore  800 1011843 
Taiwan  00801 126886 
Thailand  001 800 15620 54364 

3 EASY STEPS- (1) Get the right Time for your country; (2) Call 
the Phone Number for your country; and (3) Enter the 
PASSCODE - which is- "65257684". -Then you will be on board! 

(Like the 1857 Prayer Revival, there will be a limit of 5 minutes 
per person leading prayer). 

We are excited about relaunching these Revival prayer meetings,
my friends - and we plan to do this every week from now on. 
Special thanks to Mark Jackson and his team for facilitating this.

Please PASS THIS MESSAGE ON, my friends. 

Our website- http://www.revivalschool.com 

God bless you all! 

Andrew Strom.