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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 23:19:31 +1300
NOTE:  Welcome to 2013, my friends! The below word by David
Wilkerson is a particularly good one. - Blessings! - Andrew Strom.

by David Wilkerson

The burden of hidden sin King David carried for an entire year cost
him dearly. It broke his health, plagued his mind and wounded his
spirit. It created havoc in his home, disillusionment in God's people,
mockery among the godless. Finally, he cried out, "I am ready to
halt, and my sorrow is continually before me" (Psalm 38:17). The
Hebrew word for halt here means "fall." He was saying, "I am
about to fall from this heavy load of sorrow."

Some Christians might look at David in his time of turmoil and
think, "What a tragedy Satan was able to bring upon David. How
could this once-tender psalmist come to the brink of a fall? God
must have been terribly angry with him."

No! It was not the devil who made David's sin so heavy, it was God.
In His great mercy, God allowed this man to sink to the depths,
because He wanted him to see the magnitude of his sin. He made
David's unconfessed sin so heavy, he could no longer bear it and
he was driven to repentance.

The truth is, only a righteous man like David could be so powerfully
affected by his sin. You see, his conscience was still tender and
he felt the sharp pains of every arrow of conviction God thrust into
his heart. That's why David could say, "My sorrow is continually
before me."

That is the secret of this whole story: David had a godly sorrow,
a deep and precious fear of God. He could admit, "I see the Lord's
disciplining hand in this, pressing me down to my knees, and I
acknowledge that my sin deserves His wrath."

The writer of Lamentations says, "I am the man that hath seen
affliction by the rod of his wrath. He hath led me, and brought me
into darkness, but not into light. . . . He hath broken my bones.
He hath builded against me. . . . He hath set me in dark places,
as they that be dead of old. He hath hedged me about, that I
cannot get out: he hath made my chain heavy. . . . He hath
enclosed my ways with hewn stone" (Lamentations 3:1-9).

The writer's point is clear: When we live with hidden sin, God
Himself makes our chains so heavy, chaotic and terrifying, we
are driven to open confession and deep repentance.



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