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Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 23:33:37 +1300
by Andrew Strom

I recently returned from my first trip to India, where I was  
ministering for 10 days in Bangalore. The first thing I noticed 
was how well India is doing compared with developing nations in 
Africa, etc. When you go to Africa, the conditions are often pretty
primitive, and you can kiss goodbye to hot water, internet or 
regular electricity. In cities such as Bangalore though, things
are much improved. But still there is great hunger for spiritual 
truth, and Christianity is growing.

The most encouraging and amazing thing to me was the sheer
hunger and devotion of the Christians. My last weekend was 
spent preaching at a large Pentecostal fellowship. Each Sunday
the first meeting is at 6:30 AM (!!) and 2000 people show up to it 
week after week. Then they have another meeting at 9:30 AM 
with another 2000 people! This is a state where there has been 
real persecution of the Christians. If anything, it seems to make 
them stronger. The preaching there is pretty good, too. And they 
see God do amazing miracles.

Every month there is a 3-day fast for the entire church (thousands
of people fasting and praying). And every year there is a 21-day
fast for the entire church!! Can you imagine any of this taking
place in the West?

It seems to me that we need to be importing Indian preachers
into the Western nations, rather than the other way around!

And so, I came back pretty encouraged that although we see
apostasy growing all around us, there is still hope for the future in 
places where spiritual hunger and persecution are very much a reality.

God is still building His Church, and the gates of hell shall not
prevail against it.

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Blessings to all,

Andrew Strom.