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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 07:35:54 +1200
by Andrew Strom

We know that there have been extremes preached on every side
of this issue. So it is with some trepidation that I open this topic
up for discussion. Let me lay out a few of my own thoughts, and
see if you agree.

Firstly, we know that some 'Hebrew Roots' people proclaim that
the New Covenant is simply a "continuation" of the Old. This is
absolutely NOT the case. We in the New Covenant live by the
SPIRIT - not by the old law. It is a completely different covenant.
It is the WALK OF THE SPIRIT that makes it so different. It is a
BETTER covenant for that reason. The very Spirit of God living
and guiding us from within - not mere rules and regulations
from without. What a difference!

The Bible also tells us that the Old Testament is a "shadow" of
the new. For example, most of us would agree that the OT
Passover is a "type" or shadow of the reality which occurred at
Christ's death. But then people object when we say that Israel
in the OT is clearly a "type" of the church. Surely this is as
clear as day? In fact, if Israel is not a "type" of the church, then
large chunks of the Bible make absolutely no sense.

Israel in the physical. The Church in the spiritual.

Makes perfect sense, does it not?

As I said, if this is not so, then large chunks of Scripture become
utterly incomprehensible.

But it is still important to remember that Israel is a unique entity
and has not been "replaced" by the church. So it is vital that
Christians love and support God's "first people".

However, a rather severe `divorce´ seemed to occur in 70 AD when
Jerusalem was surrounded by armies and destroyed (1.1 million
dead) - exactly as Jesus foretold. Jerusalem and Israel were
scattered to the winds for almost 2000 years.

Thus I do NOT believe in "replacement" but I do believe it is the
CHURCH that is the `apple of God´s eye´ in the New Covenant
era - not Israel.

The "remnant" of Jews can only come back to God properly through
CHRIST - and no other way. And we fervently pray that they do.

Sadly though, there seems to be a kind of "Israel-mania" in the
church today which I believe is very distorted. I do support the
nation of Israel strongly, but for the Christian I believe it is the
CHURCH that should be the focus, far more than the physical
state of Israel.

We "mix" covenants at out peril. And this is a cause of huge
confusion amongst Christians today. We are "New Covenant"
people - not Old. So why do some act as though physical
Israel is our focus? It is one thing to love and support Israel. But
quite another to get caught up in this "mania" that tries to 'mix'
the two Covenants together. This has actually become a strong
deception - and is leading many astray.

It would be good to hear your comments, my friends.

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Blessings from- Andrew Strom. ( prophetic@... )