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From: "REVIVAL List" <prophetic@...>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 21:03:34 +1200
-Andrew Strom.

I had some very interesting responses to my post against the
rampant "Individualism" that we see today. I thought the replies
below made some very good points-

Terence wrote-
"Thank you Andrew for highlighting this problem. It is not an easy
one. So many churches in GB today have got away from being
Word-centred. They are either superficial, into error or compromise
and paddle in the ecumenical pool. This leaves a lot of truth
seeking believers out on the limb."

Judith wrote-
"I am one who has to admit to being "guilty as charged" Yes I
am an individual. I remember the pastor of my last Church talking
about this problem and he blamed the US mindset. He wanted
"community" but then he was... pastoring a PCA Church and I
became conflicted by scripture twisting, TULIP etc. and eventually
had to leave to stay sane. Before this it was Charismatic flights
of fancy which eventually jelled into the massive deception we
see today which you Andrew Strom wrote a book about.

I long for a body of believers where Jesus, the Word reigns
supreme but I can not see it happening until we all as individuals
do our own homework and agree as we gather around GodĀ“s
Word. Right now the adversary has made so many inroads with
doctrines of men and demons that speaking the truth in love
engenders strife.

I can remember a day in the past when everyone carried Bibles
and visiting teachers would encourage checking their words by
The Word. Not so today, believers must `follow the leaderĀ“ and
this I can not in good conscience do."

Frank wrote:
"Good word brother. This individualism seems to burn at the heart
of the American culture and makes it very difficult to form
community around chosen leaders. Rebellion against authority
is another trait so ingrained... Yet, putting that aside, you still
have to deal with the legitimate fact that much of the church in
the West is in full blown apostacy.

The great falling away has undoubtedly begun and saints all over
the west are feeling compelled to "come out of her"... The remnant
saints, people who are not individualistic, but who find themselves
isolated, are desperately seeking genuine fellowship. Indeed the
word of God must be preached by the power of the Spirit of God
and this is truly lacking, but the greater need seems to be genuine
fellowship centered upon an all consuming passion for the Lord
Jesus and His felt presence in gatherings."

So there we have the other side of the coin. What are your
thoughts on this issue, my friends? Please post your comments
at our website below-


Blessings to all! - Andrew Strom ( prophetic@... )